Here I Go!

Purchased the sups yesterday. Looking over the book. Good to weigh in tomorrow. Simply checking in now to legitimize a beginning and stay connected with others doing the same thing.

I’m 5 days in and super pumped. I took pics and measurements and all. Do the workouts and staying in track. Already seeing changes. My wife says I’m leaner! Love it. Hard being a
bit hungry a lot but I expected that. Just writing in her to stay accountable to myself and keep it posted.

Lost 2 inches in the umbilical and waist area in 9 days! Love it!!

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Sounds like you’re putting in the work and getting the results. Good stuff!

Thanks. Chris. It’s more challenging during this difficult times, but I persevere. I don’t have access to work so I won’t be able to measure on the same scale or use the same tape measure (I don’t even have a tape measure) but I have picture taking and overall feel and look.

Question I should’ve asked a long time ago. Is a scoop all the way to the brim? I ask because when I started I measured by a line on the scooper that’s about 1/2 way down.

I think I’ll have over 30 days of product. I know it all comes down to what I want but in your experience should a person stop the diet after 30 days? I mean, as you obviously know on workout days I’m taking 2,000 kcal, 1,560 kcal on non-workout days, with a BMR of just over 1,800 kcal. I’d imagine if I stayed on this diet my metabolism would slow down, inhibiting fat loss.

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