Here I Go


The order just arrived in the mail today. Tomorrow I will buy the flax seed and some brown rice for my HSM, sort the supplements by meal, take some into work and some will stay at home. Sunday morning measurements, and then my first shake.


Day 1:

Height: 71
Weight: 225.2
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 52.5
Chest-Upper: 45.5
Chest-Lower: 41.5
Waist at Navel: 42.5
Waist at Largest: 42.5
Hips at Largest: 43.5
Upper Arm - L: 16.0
Upper Arm - R: 16.25
Upper Leg - L: 27.25
Upper Leg - R: 27.25
Lower Leg - L: 16.5
Lower Leg - R: 16.0
Ankle - L: 9.5
Ankle - R: 9.25

I am doing the diet exactly as written. I have my own training which I can’t set aside for six weeks, but it is heavy on lifting, particularly Olympic lifting, and short hard conditioning. I will be sure to add in NEPA as called for, and I think overall this will be close enough to prescribed training.

Attached are my before pictures. I did not realize how bad I had gotten.


Side view


Back view, particularly shocking to me


good luck to you.


Thanks. First day was good, despite a low level of support from my girlfriend.


Don’t worry about it. Literally, no one will support you on this diet. They will all try to convince you that the diet is unhealthy, that you won’t lose any real weight, you will lose all your strength, and that the sun will crash into the moon. You have to want to do it that much more. Read other peoples diet logs and check the before/after photos. Do that every time someone hates on your diet. Don’t forget to look at all of the logs that ended on day 6. There are a ton. Stay motivated and stay the course.


Well, actually her behavior was strange, because not only is she excited for me to be doing this, but she wants to try it herself. So for her to insist that on Day 1 we go out for ice cream with some other people, when I am already late having shake #4, without even offering to stop at home so I can shake up, then gets annoyed with me for distracting myself with my phone while she raves on and on about how good her ice cream is…


Anyway, day 2 was Hell. Hungry when I woke up, stayed with me all day. Mid-day I started getting a bad headache, got worse throughout until about 9pm when it was making me nauseous. Finally understood why when I realized I had gotten out a HOT-ROX pill to take mid-day but failed to take it. I am very very sensitive to caffeine, or the lack of caffeine, so the withdrawal was pretty bad. I’m just glad it wasn’t caused by hunger. Feeling much better today.


Week 1 completed.

As I commented earlier, day 2 was pretty tough due to a mistake with the HOT-ROX, but the rest of the week was pretty tolerable. Some hunger but not a lot. “Cravings” were really just a general desire, not so much for food but just to eat. I guess I enjoy eating.

Settled on a beef stir-fry for my HSM, replacing shake #4 last night (day 7). I know it is strongly advised not to skip shakes, but I was so full for so long from the meal (eaten at 6pm, and not a lot of food really) that I couldn’t force myself to have the fifth shake, even four hours later.

This week’s measurements:

Height: 71
Weight: 217.8 (-7.4)
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 52.0 (-0.5)
Chest-Upper: 44.75 (-0.75)
Chest-Lower: 41.0 (-0.5)
Waist at Navel: 42.0 (-0.5)
Waist at Largest: 42.0 (-0.5)
Hips at Largest: 43.5
Upper Arm - L: 15.75 (-0.25)
Upper Arm - R: 16.0 (-0.25)
Upper Leg - L: 26.75 (-0.75)
Upper Leg - R: 26.75 (-0.75)
Lower Leg - L: 16.0 (-0.5)
Lower Leg - R: 15.5 (-0.5)
Ankle - L: 9…25 (-0.25)
Ankle - R: 9.25

Watching the changes take place in the mirror, I am not surprised by these numbers. I have “leaned out” (probably mostly reduction in bloat at this point, and wow did I have some bloating) and gained some definition in the upper torso. My shorts are fitting better in the waist but I can’t see a difference as of yet. So the large change in the chest/arm area makes sense. Where I really need to lose is in the belly, hoping that I start to lose more there soon. The change in the ankle number I will attribute to having a girlfriend who isn’t used to using a tape measure on someone.

So far so good. Week 2 has begun.


Good job! Keep up the good work.


Week 2 completed.

Height: 71
Weight: 214.8
Neck: 16.0
Shoulders: 50.75
Chest-Upper: 45.75
Chest-Lower: 41.25
Waist at Navel: 41.75
Waist at Largest: 41.75
Hips at Largest: 42.25
Upper Arm - L: 15.5
Upper Arm - R: 15.75
Upper Leg - L: 26.25
Upper Leg - R: 26.25
Lower Leg - L: 16.0
Lower Leg - R: 15.5
Ankle - L: 9.25
Ankle - R: 9.25

Except for the upper chest measurement, which I am going to chalk up to poor measuring, my numbers are still getting smaller. I have to admit that I’m a little baffled and disappointed by the slow loss in the midsection. As the pictures show, this is where I really need to lose it. Extra definition in the chest and arms is nice but I’m FAT in the midsection. I have a big belly and big love handles. I’m hoping I won’t end up with good leg and arm definition and a fat belly with love handles.

Any way, week 3 is beginning.


Week 3 completed.

Height: 71
Weight: 210.6
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 50.5
Chest-Upper: 45.5
Chest-Lower: 40.25
Waist at Navel: 41
Waist at Largest: 41
Hips at Largest: 42
Upper Arm - L: 15.5
Upper Arm - R: 15.75
Upper Leg - L: 26
Upper Leg - R: 25.75
Lower Leg - L: 15.75
Lower Leg - R: 15.5
Ankle - L: 9.5
Ankle - R: 9.25

Not much to report this week, pretty much the same as the last two. There is some strange variation in the measurements, up and down, but my girlfriend isn’t used to measuring people so it’s probably from that. Waist is down another 3/4" this week (and this particular measurement I have been double-checking myself, all along), and that is a good thing.


Keep it up man great progress


Kellish, you wouldn’t be known elsewhere as Dr. Relish would you?


keep it up man.


Height: 71
Weight: 209.0
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: ?
Chest-Upper: 44.75
Chest-Lower: ?
Waist at Navel: 40.75
Waist at Largest: 41.25
Hips at Largest: 42
Upper Arm - L: ?
Upper Arm - R: ?
Upper Leg - L: 26.0
Upper Leg - R: 25.5
Lower Leg - L: 16.0
Lower Leg - R: 15.5
Ankle - L: 9.5
Ankle - R: 9.25

The Waist at Largest one appears to have gone up because when I started my waist was largest at the navel. Today it became apparent to me that area has shrunk faster than the area just below my navel, so below the navel is now the largest waist measurement. Last weeks measurement is probably wrong.

The question marks are there because my girlfriend has a sore throat and got angry at me for trying to get her to gargle with salt water and drink some tea with honey in it. I have a busy day, can’t wait around for her to get over herself, so I did them myself.