Here I go! BodPod on Monday!

I actually started Vdieting last Tuesday, but I have BodPods scheduled for 12/5/16 and 1/10/17. During that period I want strip of 20 lbs of fat and 5" off my middle like many of the Vdiet success stories. I absolutely want that success, so I am posting here like the book says to. I will post my measurements with the BodPod results on Monday. Cheers!

12/5/16 - BodPod Results:
206 lbs, 19.5% body fat

Waist measurement: 37 1/4" (38" week before)
Belly measurement: 39" (40" week before)

The new version of the V diet with the daily HSM is a lot better for family life. (It’s funny, my wife has a harder time with my dieting than I do. It’s a wake up call that even though we do eat a fairly clean diet of healthy food, we still have frequent incidents of social and emotional eating.)

Food selection for the HSM is pretty easy, getting the proper portion size is tough. Yesterday was the first time I think I was about right, but I am not sure because I did not weigh everything. That is the challenge of using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch, it’s tough to count the calories.

Waist 36 3/4"
Belly 38"

197.8 lbs - lowest since January, finally made weight for powerlifting!

35 1/2 waist
36 3/4 belly

Still making progress but frustrating it really slowed down. The last week before Christmas I was doing 1000 swings a day on top of Vdiet WOs and walks trying to kick start things.

I think I was getting leaner during the “swing sprint week”, more definition in the arms and upper body, it just did not really show up on the scale or waist/belly measurements.

The 10,000 swings in 10 days article mentions that most people stayed around same weight, but had measurable improvements in lean body mass and fat loss.


195.6 lbs

Waist 35 1/4"
Belly 36 3/4"

In a month and a day I lost 3" off the middle and 10 lbs. In addition to Vdiet workouts, I did 8040 swings.

I was hoping for 4" off my waist by Christmas, but losing 3" over the holidays is still a big success. This is big progress because I have been watching what I eat carefully for years. Obviously not carefully enough or I would not need to Vdiet, but I did not drink soda, alcohol, juice, barely ate anything sugary, avoided bread and pasta and such, etc. My point was I had decent food habits before I started, which made leaning up tough in the past.

Like I mentioned in last post, I can’t wait to do the BodPod again next week, I believe I have lost more than 10 lbs of fat and have put on some muscle.

1/10/17 BodPod results:

13.6% body fat @ 194.8 lbs

Lost 13.6 lbs of fat and gained 2.3 lbs muscle over 5 weeks.

35" waist, 36" belly

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Discovered that homemade sauerkraut makes a great “dressing” for green salad.

Great results well done!!

Awesome results, I have just started the V-diet and I was at roughly the same starting point as you. This is just going to keep me focused because I now know the results will come.

Well done.

Latest BodPod, 3 1/2 weeks later: 12.7% body fat @ 192.9 lbs.

That means I lost 2 lbs of fat, and muscle stayed the same. Good that I still made a little progress getting leaner, but disappointed because I was trying to add calories and build muscle. I had some oats with my morning shake after working out and ate a little more with the HSM at dinner, and sometimes ate a meal instead of a shake for lunch.

And had a disaster weekend were I was out ice fishing. When I am out in the cold for a long time, survival mode kicks and I just eat everything, including a lot of junk. Still trying to figure out how to mitigate that one. I am almost back to the point I was just over a year ago. I got sent to the field in the cold for a month and and lost all the progress I had made, it took me a year to recover.

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