Here Goes Nothing

Been trolling around on this forum and others on T-Nation for a while, and finally decided to do something to try and lose some weight. Velocity Diet seems like a good kickstart to dealing with my biggest problem, which is food. Have gone from 170ish in high school(7 years ago) to a present high of 245, no good.

I am somewhat heavily muscled, so i am shooting for getting down to 210 or so, realizing that I won’t be getting there very fast. Hoping to net the max 20 lbs or so of this 28 day stint, but will be happy with whatever good I can get from it. Pics following, might wanna take any small children out of the room first, lol :open_mouth:

Measurements are as follows:

Belly: 47.5 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Thigh: 25.5 inches

Calve: 16.5 inches

Chest: 45 inches

Shoulders: 51 inches

Arm: 15 inches

Neck: 17.5 inches

Starting weight: 245lbs

First day down, not as rough as I was expecting though which was a nice surprise. Didn’t realize till after the hour walk how bad of shape I am in, real eye opener. I’ll keep ya’ll posted, 27 more days to go!!

Good luck guy, I’ll be watching. It helps me to know that somewhere, someone thinks you can succeed on this diet. Just remember there is no option to quit, there is only the next HSM.

Take some more photos, Youll really be happy you did in the end.

meant to attach these 2 last night, side view:

and a weak double biceps pose, lmao. Photo quality a little crappy to, was friends cell phone :frowning:

Stick with the diet as prescribed bro, and that 20 pounds is coming off. I’m gonna go ahead and say that you will lose more than that…somewhere in the 22-25 range. I started mine 7 weeks ago. I’m down 20 lbs and 4 inches off of my midsection alone. The first two weeks was extremely difficult for me - I was active, but I was also a professional over-eater. Since that two-week mark though, it has been a breeze. Words can’t describe how much healthier I feel. Hang in there no matter how tough it gets. We’re pulling for you. THAT 20 POUNDS IS GOIN’ DOWN.

Second day coming to a close, hasn’t been to bad overall. Worked my ass off at work tonight, and did my first workout so was pretty hungry all day, but not to bad. I have told everyone at my work about it, and told them they have the right to whoop my rear end if I start eating earlier than the 4 week period, heh. Thanks for all the supportive comments, much appreciated :). 26 days left here I come!!!

Man, cravings and hunger hit today and hit hard. I cannot wait till this weekend when I have my HSM, but wait I will. Already down 6 lbs, and about 1.5 inches off belly, yeah I think i can tough it out for these kind of results. Keep on trucking, and this diet is damn sure not for the weak willed.

Stay tough man,

I am on day 20 and I can say that the first week was easily the hardest…

With only 8 or 9 days to go, there is NO WAY I or anyone else would quit…the first half is the toughest…

Keep it up, I am down at least 15 pounds and three belt loops, you will be happy that you stuck it out in the end!!!

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