Here Goes My V-Diet

4 days in, and just now posting. ( I know, Chris, I know. Try not to get pissed.) Everything is going fairly well. Although, I will admit it is getting tough to choke some of these shakes down. They are so freakin’ thick. I’m enjoying the wrokouts, Waterbury is a total stud when it comes to that stuff. Always been a huge fan of his.

Here are my measurements. Hoping for some support so I can kick ass all the way through and get the most out of this diet possible.

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 192 lbs
Bf%: 23.1%
neck: 15 in
Chest: 42"
Waist at naval: 40"
Upper arm: 14"
Forearm: 11"
Upper leg: 23"
Lower leg: 15’
Ankle: 9.5 "

Good luck tdk I’m one day behind you, keep posting I’ll check back in.

I hear you on it being hard getting some of the shakes down. I have found for me, just recently actually, that it’s easier to make them looser and have to drink more, than to make them thicker and have to drink less. You can try it if you’d like. This is especially true for me when they are blended shakes, like the ones with milled flax seed or peanut butter. Just add some more water than normal. The key is to get it just right, where its not THAT much more to drink and the consistency is significantly looser.

Day five is in the bag. Bring on day six. I did my third workout the other day. I couldn’t believe how musch strength I’d lost in my legs for the squats. At the end of last summer I nearly broke my ankle which sidelined me all the way through till this year. Then this January when the ankle was just starting to feel better I ran an admittadly unadvisable half marathon which resulted in an achillies tear.

But hey I cut over twenty minutes off of my PR with no training prior to the race… probably wasn’t worth it. Not being able to do any real squat exercises since last summer, you’d think I wouldnt be surprised that I had to drop 100lbs off the bar. I felt like a sissy.

Coming back from injuries do suck. Had major elbow surgery and benching is a pain, but is finally leveling out.

As for the shakes… I find they mich easier to “choke down” when they are thinner. When they are too thick they are rough to swollow.

I’m on day 9, hang in there…it gets better(slowly)

Yea Lots of water 24+ ounces makes them go down much better. My wife asks how can you drink that whole thing down at one time…from there the conversation gets crude but we have fun with it. At least I do.

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