Herdfan V-Diet - Starting March 3rd

I just started the diet today but have found that I am already hitting the wall, but not in the way that I had anticipated. I had thought that I would find myself to be hungry for the first couple days, but instead I am having trouble finishing all of the needed shakes to get the appropriate caloric intake.

I am working on forcing them down but the day is coming to an end and I still have 1.5 shakes to get into my system. I obviously do not want to go too far in coloric deficit because of the resulting loss of muscle content. I am not very muscular anyway, so any significant loss will be devistating to me.

Oh, and just for reference, I am 38 years old, 194 lbs. with [caliper tested - chest, stomach, thigh] body fat of 13.79%.

Current Statistics
Weight - 194 Bodyfat (caliper test) - 13.79%
Weight - 185 Bodyfat (caliper test) - 10.00%

Day 1 - Tuesday, March 3rd

Calories - 1773 Protein - 236
Workout - 528
Net Calories for day - 1245

Day 2 - Wednesday, March 4th

Calories - 1433 Protein - 213
Workout - 178
Net Calories for day - 1255

Day 3 - Thursday, March 4th

Calories - 1753 Protein - 236
Workout - 568
Net Calories for day - 1185

Day 4 - Friday, March 5th

Calories - 1215 Protein - 181
Workout - 0
Net Calories for day - 1215

Day 5 - Saturday, March 6th

Calories - 1651 Protein - 173
Workout - 718
Net Calories for day - 933

Day 6 - Sunday, March 7th

Calories - 2250 Protein - 120
Workout - 0
Net Calories for day - 2250

Day 7 - Monday, March 8th

Calories - 1823 Protein - 180
Workout - 541
Net Calories for day - 1282

Day 8 - Tuesday, March 9th

Calories - 1737 Protein - 230
Workout - 661
Net Calories for day - 1076
** Pulled workout ahead 1 day due to working split shift on Wednesday

Day 8 - Wednesday, March 10th

Calories - 1215
Workout - 0
Net Calories - 1215
**Workout scheduled for today done on Tuesday due to work schedule

Day 9 - Thursday, March 11th

Calories - 1285
Workout - 0
Net Calories - 1285

I’ve met a few V-Dieters with this issue – basically they’re just too full all day and end up missing a shake. (So much for the “starvation diet” nonsense, eh?)

First make sure you’re spreading shakes evenly throughout the day. Then play with the amount of water you use - some do better on smaller but thicker shakes; others like them thin and easy to slam down, so they use a lot of water.

Another idea is to make slightly larger shakes, but then having fewer of them. In other words, add more Metabolic Drive to each and have only 4 per day instead of 5, for example.

Keep us posted.

I spread the shakes out a little less in the morning and spread them out late in the day and I don’t feel that I am choking down the last shake now. I also thinned them out a little bit so it takes me less time to drink them. Before it was taking 20 minutes to finish them because they were so thick.

Tonight will be the real test when I am at my local bar drinking water instead of my beer, but I think I’m up for the challenge. I am looking forward to my first solid food tomorrow!

nice work. any pictures and measurements?

Not at this point. I completely blew the diet this weekend because I hooked up with a girl and ended up spending the evening, night, and following morning with her. I have to start over today. I am disappointed and have made adjustments so that I won’t break the plan again.

I will now be carrying a 2 days supply of everything I need with me on the weekend in case of earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or hook-up! I have to admit though, it was a hell of an evening, night, and morning and was probably worth the re-start! No more excuses from this point on because I will have everything I need for two days packed in my vehicle!

What we do for women :slight_smile: Glad to hear your starting over. Good luck!

[quote]michaelhixon wrote:
What we do for women :slight_smile: Glad to hear your starting over. Good luck![/quote]

Yea I agree… Men and nations have gone to war over women let alone cheat on a diet… And I don’t care what anyone says but my mentor told me once, that 3inch slice of real estate is the most expensive property a man will ever rent, lease, or own! Haha

I am back on track as of today! Thanks for the support and, while that 3 inch slice of real estate is awesome, I’m not going to let it de-rail me again!

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