Helping My Father

I was recently talking to my dad and he mentioned that fishing season is starting up then end of November. I currently have both my parents set up taking Flameout and Curcumin for their joints, aches and pains. Both have noticed improvements which is great.

With the increased stress and activity of the fishing season I think I am going to up my father’s Flameout to 6-8 pills depending, and also bump up the Curcumin. I would rather him take these than pop OTC pain pills and anti inflammatory pills.

On top of that I am wondering about a Test booster. He is 56 years old. I have been looking at TRIBEX or Alpha Male, are they similar? Which would you suggest to give him the most noticeable change, or would a Test Booster be just a waste of money?

I was planning on having him take it for the month before the season so the effects start leading into the beginning of the fishing season and then continue usage throughout. He isn’t looking for muscle gains and such, just the benefits of more T for the hard work ahead.

With the new coupon code I should be able to set him up with a pretty good stack so he feels better and has less pain while fishing.

Thanks for your time and guidance.

<a href=""target=“new”>Flameout and <a href=""target=“new”>Curcumin makes for a great combo for their needs. We’d only recommend exceeding label max doses by 50% though, and then just for shorter amounts of time when something is flaring up. He could do full dose daily though, just full dose + 50% (like 6 capsules of Curcumin per day) for times when he really needs it.

<a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male contains <a href=""target=“new”>Tribex plus other ingredients to boost T and keep E under control. So Alpha Male is the more powerful of the two, but both would have noticeably affects for your dad. Tribex may be just the boost he needs. He could start there and bump up to Alpha Male if needed.

Another good “parent supplement” is Superfood. It’s good for anyone of course, but I’ve seen older folks really benefit from it since their diets probably don’t cover the foundations of good nutrition, plus there’s just a lot of stuff in there that most people could never get from whole foods. The mood and “energy” improvements are very noticeable in those who have missing gaps in their nutrition. (My mom uses it, and she’s in her 60’s.)

Chris, thank you for your help on this. I will keep him on the daily rec dosage of Flameout and Curcumin unless he needs more.

I will look into superfood, never thought of that one.

I’ll see what he thinks of TRIBEX.

Thanks again, this is the best forum here. Your work is greatly appreciated.

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