Helpful Tool for College V-Dieters

So I was looking at the announcement page on my University website and here is something that stumbled on:

Do you want to determine your current level of fitness? You can come to the Human Performance Lab, which is located at CN 1955, to have your fitness levels assessed. The typical assessment protocol will include: body composition (skinfolds or Bodpod), muscular strength (hand grip dynamometer), muscular endurance (pushup test), cardiovascular fitness (bike or treadmill test), and flexibility (sit & reach).

This testing is FREE to students, faculty, and staff. The assessments will be completed by students and overseen by Dr. Schoffstall, ACSM: Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Come with appropriate attire (i.e. sneakers, shorts, & t-shirt), dressing room is available in the lab. The complete assessment will take approximately one-hour. Walk-ins will be taken between 12:30-2:30 Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made for anytime during regular lab hours: 7:45-9:45 am MWF, 12:30-3:30 MTWRF by calling 582-2336. To view the lab facilities go to

I think that most universities have this capability and I’m sure they are looking for test subjects…er student volunteers.

This is the only way that most college students will be able to gain access to this type of test. The guy in the bodpod is the guy that got me in to lifting…

you can’t view it without signing in…

Thanks, I fixed the issue…

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