James asks:

I’m 39, 6’ weight is 215.4 body fat 20.2. I’m currently taking Plazma. I’m try to put on muscle mass. What do I need?

Hi James,
If you can give us more details about your current training regimen and nutrition, it would be much easier to give you specific advice. How often do you train and what do your sessions look like? What is your current nutrition plan, macro break down, etc.? General comments for adding mass would be:

  1. Make sure you have a great workout plan geared towards mass. There are a TON on here! Figure out how many times each week you can train consistently, and find the right plan. This is one of my favorites:

  2. Clean nutrition with a caloric surplus, but don’t go crazy with extra calories. Figure out your BMR and add an additional 300-500 calories per day, see how your body reacts for a couple of weeks and adjust up or down from there. Bottom line you need a caloric surplus to put on mass. Again, knowing your nutrition regimen would be very helpful here.

  3. Increase carbs around your workout window. Plazma really shines there! Your pre-workout meal should be 30-40g high quality carbs, like rice/potato/oats, with about the same amount of protein from lean quality meat or Metabolic Drive protein. Chicken and rice is a popular one, or something similar. Or, a Metabolic Drive shake with oats thrown in there. Plazma pre and during your session, then post workout maybe a Finibar if you can get them. Delicious and an easy way to get more carbs in.

Metabolic Drive Protein -
Finibar -

  1. If you’re able to add Micro-PA, it is FANTASTIC for adding mass. Take Micro-PA 60 minutes prior to your session. I’ve been using it on training days, combined with Indigo, for about 6 months now and the results have been well worth it.

Micro PA -

Again, if you are able to provide more details about your current methods, we can give you more specific advice. Good luck!

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