I received your information from a friend who is a big user of your products. I am in desperate need of lifestyle change. I am 5’2" and weigh 170. My husband and I just recently joined a Crossfit gym so that we do this together. He doesn’t need to lose but I do.

However, my issue is hormonal or something. I am constantly tired, could sleep all day and when I go to Crossfit its all I can to stick with the one hour up there. I know it will take time but there has got to be something to start giving me somewhat of a life back.

Do you have certain supplement suggestions as well as diet that you would recommend? I am tired of yo-yo dieting it doesn’t work. We have recently started Paleo and eating more clean but thats even a struggle because the lack of energy I have to get up and cook. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sure, I’d be glad to offer some advice, or rather a few things to consider and maybe get checked out.

  1. I like Paleo eating for inactive overweight people, but find that those that weight train and hit the gym need more carbs, at least if they want to add some muscle and keep their performance up in the gym. (I’m not just guessing here either; I did a 95% Paleo diet for a year. I stayed leanish but mood/energy wasn’t great and gym progress was slooooooow.)

What Paleo does right is get rid of things like wheat and milk. That’s most of its success rate right there. So don’t be afraid to have some rice and sweet potato if you’re hitting the gym, or a workout drink like Plazma or Mag-10.

Also, don’t overdo the cardio, which can cause anxiety and cravings.

  1. That issue aside, I want you to get your iron levels checked, or at least bump up iron-containing foods or supplement with it. Low iron in females often presents as things that look very much like depression and even bi-polar-like symptoms in severe cases. Since females lose a lot of iron every month via their periods, and this can really make you feel awful.

  2. Vitamin D is something else to consider. I have a full article on it here:

You don’t necessarily have to go to the doc to get this checked (their standard for “normal” D levels actually very low), but I’d suggest checking out that article and supplementing with D3 daily, starting with 10,000 IU per day for a few weeks, then down to 5000. If it turns out you’re very low, you may need to get a doc to run the test and get some 50,0000 IU capsules from a pharmacy and follow the docs advice for usage. (My daughter had to do this.)

  1. Look into <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. In a nutshell, Indigo-3G repairs the underlying problems that cause us to gain fat easily (dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms and inflammatory fat cells), allowing you to eat for gym progress without gaining fat, and lose fat easily without a super-restrictive diet plan.

  2. Right now, I’d suggest avoiding fat burners and energy drinks. These may only mask the problem right now and it’s better to find the root of it, whether it’s a diet thing or a iron/vitamin thing.

I know I threw a lot at you, but hopefully one of those things will get you back on the right path. Please keep me posted.

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