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I am a robotics technician, and all I do is sit on my ass all day working on robots, and so far, I am tired of me weight, and I will do all that I can to change it. I am 6,3 and I weigh 270 lbs. Just typing that disgusts me, but I digress, it would help if any of you could let me know what you think of my plan so far and possibly help me build a plan, that would be awesome.

Friday:Not sure what to work on for the last three.

As you can see, I am in need for some guidance here, since I have a good idea of what I will be working on, but I am not completely sure.

For my supplements, I will be taking Metabolic Drive Complete in the morning at 7:00am, then I will go to work Until 3:00pm. At 4:00pm, I will head to the gymn, and I will spend as much time as needed. After the gym I will taking Metabolic Drive Low-Carb, and head to sleep. My concern is with the meals inbetween taking the Metabolic Drive. What sort of meals would I be allowed to have?

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There are tons of training articles in our archives, about 11 years worth to be precise. Pick one and follow it.

What type of meals in between shakes: healthy ones. See the HSM guidelines here:

Also, tons of nutrition articles in our archives.

Wow, its an honor to get direct help from you, thank you. Would it be a good idea to mix and match work out plan and the like?

It’s best to follow programs as closely as possible. That way you really learn if that style of training gives you the best results. If you mix and match, you might be missing something. Also, programs make us train in ways we might not otherwise, which could be just the ticket to getting out of ruts.

Im in a crux at the moment, there are just too many supplements for me to choose. For example, would it be better to get because its buy one get one free? How does it compare to Metabolic Drive Complete and Metabolic Drive low carb? Also, should I be getting Grow! Whey along with Metabolic Drive and the others?

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