Help with Timing

Hi there,

Just asking this question on behalf of my better half, who ordered herself a box full of Biotest goodies.

Said box will arrive on Wednesday, however all the training scheds etc assume a start on Monday. Should she wait, or start Thursday (she’s roaring to go), and if she starts Thursday I assume she should pretend it’s Monday, for training sched purposes? But then the V-burn thing gets out of whack?

Anyway some advise please :slight_smile:

Speaking for myself and my schedule, starting on Monday was good for me, for the HSM fell on the weekend when I would have time to prepare a delicious meal, and take the time to enjoy it.


I agree with Donna. Monday is just a good start time, gives you time to prepare, and it makes the HSMs fall where you probably want them - on the weekend.

So, have your better half experiment with the Velocity Workouts until Monday. That way she’ll be familiar with any new exercises and understand the loading method before the first “real” training session. She may also want to play with the shakes a bit to see how she likes them (if she’s new to them.) She can even start doing the NEPA.

Many V-Dieters also use the time before they start the diet to get rid of any foods in the house that are too tempting, buy a travel blender, take measurements and pics if they haven’t yet, read some motivational articles, etc.

In other words, just use this time to prepare and get a nice Monday start.

Cool; thanks much Donna & Chris

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