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I was reading TC’s article and I seem to have “Jelly Belly”. No matter what I do I seem to not able to get rid of my gut. I can see a four pack, but the bottom 4 does not show up. My worry is I currently take cholesterol reducing drugs - atovastatin and also allopurinol for Gout. I am not sure if these will react with Alpha Male, Rhodiola, or Phosphatidyl Serine. I doubt my physician knows anything about nutrition. Whenever I talk about supplements he says eat a balanced diet. Fuck me, since if I eat a balanced diet I doubt I can squat or do the deadlifts. I eat a decent amount of protein and keep my carb in check. Try to eat 4-5 meals/day. I am 45 and train 5/week. I do Squats on Mondays and Deads on Thursdays. Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday is mostly focused on 40 mts of high intensity. Please help.

Alpha Male® (2 to 4 tablets a day)
Rhodiola (2 to 4 capsules a day)
Phosphatidyl Serine (800 mg. a day)

I can’t really help you out with the drug interaction, although my gut feeling is that there wouldn’t be any.

However if I understand your question or the message behind it, what you really are asking is how to get rid of the lower abdomen fat.

You mention that you squat and deadlift. But you do not mention the training approach you use (sets, reps, rest intervals, etc.) and you do not provide information on the other training days other that it’s “high intensity”. Do you mean high intensity intervals (“cardio”), high intensity in the sense that you are lifting heavy weights or high intensity in the sense that you are doing plenty of work in little time?

And you do not provide any diet info other than that you eat a lot of protein and keep carbs in check. There is no way to be of real help with that little information.

If you truly want some valuable help it would be best if you gave us a bit more descriptive info about your training and diet.

If there is one advice I can give you with that little info it would be toi add 10-15 minutes of loaded carries at the end of your workouts:

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