Help with Macronutrients

Hello chris, I am again, like a verdict on your macronutrients in order to lose fat and gain muscle, and workout 3x a week … that is how many of macronutrients on training days and non-workout days, I would whether I can do HIIT on a day with low-calorie diet without losing muscle …

I have no idea how many calories or macros YOU need. I don’t even know if you’re a 20 year old 250 male or a 120 pound 40-year old female. Only you can figure this out through experimentation, but there are many diet plans available for free on this site. Just search the archives.

The easiest thing to do is simply get your peri-workout nutrition right (Anaconda and MAG-10) and use Indigo-3G to put it all to work.

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