Help With Belly Fat

evwalter asks:

I am a woman. I took the Indigo-3G® a couple months ago and felt like it did some good for me except for that I felt completely depleted in the middle of my workout. My workout partner said it’s probably because I wasn’t eating enough carbs. I saw this article: with this strategy listed for belly fat. That’s my biggest issue. I could lose weight and tone muscle everywhere but my belly will not go away. I don’t want to try something that is only for men and I like very much that I’m a feminine woman. What does strategy work for me or is there a similar strategy that would be better for a female? Please help.

I think giving indigo3G another shot would be worth your time. It’s very likely that you weren’t eating enough carbs if you felt that way during your workout. Did you try plazma or were you eating something else for carbs during your training? Also, how long did you take indigo for? It’s something you want to take long term and you start seeing more results over time. Most of my clients who are using it really notice a difference after being on it for a couple months.
Personally I’ve been using it for over 3 years now and I have abs year round even in my off-season. I’ve always said it’s like a magical pill because it helped me get lean in areas that I always struggled with.
You really need to make sure your diet is on point too, if you’re not following a proper nutrition plan for your individual needs then it’s almost impossible to make the improvements you’re looking for.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Were you using any workout nutrition like Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel?

Having quality protein and carbs during training is always the best place to start and will help avoid that feeling. Having just carbs won’t solve it, and could actually make it worse. You need protein at the same time to help regulate the insulin spike and deliver more nutrients.

Indigo-3G is definitely not just for men. Tons of women have used it with great results, like Bron just said. :wink:

Also, this workout explains a few complexes that can also help drop fat (like the original article recommended).

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