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Hello, chris live in Brazil and do not have the resources to buy Indigo 3G’m 15 years old, 1.62 tall BF 12 ~ 15%, 57kg, wanted to build muscle and lose fat at the same time training 3x a week, as is my distribution macronutrients, you think I should eat high carbs, high fat, carbs … I thought cycling also perform HIIT on non-workout days … please help me I want to build solid muscle without gaining fat …
I do not eat junk food or anything, heavy training, more consgigo not seem to lower the BF nor increase the mass, I am gluten free (grain-free), such as quality food … I even cook! (chris, their revenues are excelent …)(can be thyroid problem?)

Train hard with weights. Do some sprints, eat quality food. Rice, beans, and meat ( fish, chicken, steak ).

You will gain muscle and not get fat unless you are eating crappy wheat laden foods. You’re 15 and your body is an anabolic machine for the next 10 years.

I agree with corstijeir. You don’t need a supplement or a specific diet right now. Just cut out the obvious junk food and lift weights as often as you can, with some conditioning work thrown in at the end of every session. Adopt any of the weight training plans here in our archives if you need some guidelines.

I do not eat junk food, just like what i cook! I train heavy but I can not gain weight or lose fat … (chris its revenues are exelentes), may be a thyroid problem?

Most people, especially young people, who THINK they’re eating very well and THINK they’re training very hard, just simply aren’t. First of all, 3 days a week of training is very minimal. I suggest you find a lifting program in our archives at least 5 days a week and adopt it.

Lastly, what is often needed is TIME. You may indeed per doing everything right. Now keep doing it right for a a couple of more years. You barely have a hair on your chest and you voice has just changed. You can’t expect lots of muscle and fat loss to happen overnight.

I train 3x a week because gain weight very easily, if I have a hiperavit 5x week will win a lot of fat, so training 3x a week, in order to have days where I can have a deficit to lose godura … and that in the days can not do HIIT workout … if you have a better suggestion, I’m happy to know, :smiley:

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