Help Putting on Muscle Mass


I am new to the forums. I’m 39 years old 6’ TALL weight is 215.4 body fat 20.2. I’M currently taking plasma. I’m try to put on muscle mass. Should I take Micro-PA . Please help. Thanks


Mostly, intensive training to go along with the Plazma use.

Which program are you following, if using a program?


Right now I’m weight training 4 day a week and eating clean.


There are a lot of possible ways to be training 4 days per week, with different supplementation recommended for different sorts of training. Also it makes a difference whether the weight you’re lifting is at a beginner level due to having started lifting only recently, or whether you’ve already gained major strength and therefore are lifting pretty substantial weights.

If you’re training hard with weights for 40-60 minutes each of those 4 days and you’re up to a good strength level, Plazma is certainly an excellent choice and could well be all you need for now. An important point with Plazma is that it’s providing plenty of carbs with the cyclic dextrin and this really is based on training which is matching or mostly so the work being done. (Having some surplus over the work done is fine, but not a drastic mismatch.)

At a lower work level and already at 20% bodyfat, I might go with MAG-10 to support muscle gains for now. Basically you can judge this for yourself. If you’re working hard with substantial weights and it in no way feels like you’re getting a sugar rush or anything like that, then Plazma is right for your workout: if, out of where you’re at presently, it actually seems like two scoops of Plazma is giving you more than you need, then either reduce dose or consider MAG-10.

Certainly you could consider adding Micro-PA, there has been a lot of success with it. I always encourage though getting the training nutrition first, including workout nutrition as these are the more major keys to success and should be taken care of first. After that’s in hand then further supplementation may make an important further difference.

You may well already have that in hand; I’m trying to cover both possibilities.


OK. Thanks I order Micro-PA on yesterday.


Glad to be of help, looking forward to hearing some great results!