Help Optimising Supplement Dosing and Timing

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated,

A little background info to begin. Im 5,10 and 80kg (176lbs). My profession is as an acrobatic performer and thus I perform two 90min shows 5 days a week. It is not constant work for 90mins but from experience I would equate both of the performances as equal to one resistance training session. Currently I maintain on around 3500kcals per day, roughly split to 250protein / 300carbs / 80fat.

I’m pretty much set on how to include and time everything but just coming up against a few small questions mainly with regards to workout days.

My proposed schedule is as follows,

9.30am - Brain Candy Caffeine Free + Flameout
10.30am - Protein + fat whole food meal
12.30pm - 1 serving Plazma
12.45pm - Gym + 1 serving Plazma
3pm - Protein + carbs whole food meal
5pm - Physical work (performance) + 1 serving Plazma
6.45pm - MAG-10 + Finibar + Superfood
8pm - Physical work (performance) + 1 serving Plazma
9.45pm - MAG-10
11pm - Protein + Carbs whole food meal
12pm - Elite Pro Minerals + Flameout


  1. Would you suggest Indigo 3G pre workout (12.30pm) or alternatively I could switch the first whole food meal to protein + carbs and take it with Brain Candy first thing in the morning (9.30am)
  2. From what I can gather from reading, other supplements can interfere with Indigo. I would normally take a probiotic, multi-vit and curcumin in the morning. Could these interfere with Indigo? Is the multi still necessary with Superfood?
  3. Will also eating a Finibar interfere with MAG-10. I could possibly push the Finibar back to around 7.30pm if it will make a significant difference?
  4. Is there anything I’m missing or another ways you might structure things? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome?



  1. Keep in mind that Indigo-3G is in the blood and doing its thing for at least 6 hours, so that “covers” the training period plus a meal or two. So you could have it pre-breakfast, gets some carbs in that breakfast, and still be “under the influence” of Indigo-3G during training. Or just stick to taking it pre-workout which will have you covered for the meal after as well. All that said, there’s actually a lot more going on with Indigo-3G, gene expression, cell signaling etc. but the 6 hour timeframe makes it easy to think about and schedule.

  2. It depends what’s in the multi, but with Superfood you probably don’t even need a multivitamin. I often suggest some extra vitamin D for just about everyone, but that’s about it.

  3. You won’t get the same protein pulsing effect from Mag-10 when using it with food, but you will of course get all the other benefits of the protein, carbs, and other ingredients. Finibar + Mag-10 is my favorite meal replacement when busy. I have that combo twice per day.

  4. We suggest moving your morning Flameout up and having it with your solid meal. No big deal really, but the fats could “slow down” the effects of Brain Candy a little. It’ll just hit you faster on an empty stomach, but will work either way.

Not to go all stalker on you, but is this you?

Thanks for the quick and informative reply!

Firstly, yes that picture is me.

As the picture suggests I can get pretty lean and so the main reason for including Indigo is the enhanced nutrient uptake, for both recovery, work load and in some regards aesthetic purposes. I seem to handle unto around 300g of carbs nicely however to get into any type of over reaching period were carbs need to be increased for recovery or muscle growth I seem to start with the negatives associated with poor carb handling.

One more question if you can spare your time,

With regards to loosing the ‘pulsing effect’ of MAG-10 if taken with whole food. Are there any benefits to the combination of MAG-10 + Finibar vs Metabolic Drive + Finibar? With that said would it potentially be more beneficial to get a MAG-10 pulse in on its own, either first thing upon waking or I could possibly juggle meals around to get it post-workout. And for my between performance ‘meal’ go with Metabolic Drive + Finibar?

Thanks for the tip on Brain Candy / Flameout. Brain Candy is there more for CNS support than an energy kick but I’ll probably move Flameout up regardless.


It mainly depends on your calorie or macro goals for the day or for a particular feeding. Personally, I think Mag-10 + Finibar is a better choice. That said, some people may find Metabolic + Finibar more filling. But I doubt one is far superior to the other. It’s more a matter of preference and you really can’t go wrong with either.

This new article talks about some further benefits of a stand-alone Mag-10 pulse: For leaning up, I’ve done a variation of this where breakfast is a serving of Mag-10 (Plazma and training a couple of hours later) and my last “meal” of the day is a Mag-10 pulse. Works great if the main goal is fat loss.

But as we always say, there’s never a bad time for a Mag-10 pulse. Post-workout is probably “best” but it’s very versatile stuff.

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