Help - Modified Diet

Hi Chris,

My husband has been doing your diet and he looks fantastic!

I would like help doing a modified diet, if you don’t mind. I am 52 years old with a shoulder injury and unable to do upper body exercises at the moment. May even have to have shoulder surgery. I am also on a medication that may make taking the “vegetable” product off the list.

Right now I do 3 days of kettle bells without (mostly squats) and one day of a trainer who is helping me workout with out using my shoulder. I also walk my dogs at least 2 times a week for a half hours.

Is it possible for us to come up with a way for me to lost 10 pds.
I am 5 6 and over a hundred and fifty pounds right now. I gained the weight in the last year and a half due to menapause.

Thank you so much,

Hi, Leila.

Sure, there are many ways to modify the basic V-Diet plan, if that’s what you mean. The simplest is to drink 3 Metabolic Drive shakes during the day and have a healthy solid meal every evening that contains no wheat or liquid milk. Just protein, veggies, and a small amount of carbs, like rice or a sweet potato. Since that meal contains veggies, you can skip the Superfood product. I’d still suggest taking Flameout, but you can also skip the flax seed that’s in the full V-Diet. Using HOT-ROX is up to you.

Your training sounds good given your issues, and I’d just add some NEPA walks every day or light cycling or the like.

Does that sound doable? Let me know and we can get into more details if needed.

That sounds great and very doable. How do I go about ordering it? Would love to get started.
PS I can start using my husbands vanilla shakes as he doesn’t like them and can wait for my chocolate. I would like to start this Sunday if possible. So if there is anything else I need to know let me know.

Sounds like a good fit for your needs and goals.

You probably don’t need the full V-Diet package, so I’d suggest ordering from our regular online store and taking a look at the multi-unit discounts on Metabolic Drive Low Carb since that will be a few meals every day. Here’s the store area:

sorry to chime in, but run all the supplements by ur doctor especially if you are going to have surgery. They told my husband to stop taking fishoil before his should replacement … anyways always good to let your physician know

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