Help Me Understand the V-Diet

Ok i’m new to this whole diet thing i always thought you can just lift and run to get the physique you want and i was completely wrong so i want to try this V-Diet to get the results i want but I’ve read several articles on here and its confusing me like routine wise…

so my question would be can someone just give me an outline of what i should eat and when i understand what supplements to buy i just don’t understand when to take what supplements. I really appreciate any help anyone can give me thanks.

Ok, honestly, all of the info you need is in the articles and on the posts. It pretty simple so long as you don’t try to make it complicated. The base supplements you will need are the Metabolic Drive (Low Carb),Surge, Flameout, HOT-ROX, then you will need to get some milled flaxseeds to mix with you shakes and some fiber pills to make sure you are getting adequate fiber, and then some natural peanut butter to mix with a shake once a day or so depending on your calorie requirements.

How much you have to take and when is going to depend on what your calorie requirements end up being once you plug your weight into the formula that is given to you in the article. Once you have that figured out its just a matter of figuring out your timing of the shakes.

It will usually end up spacing out around a shake every 3 hours or so. You take your Surge during and after your workout (and only on workout days) and then MD shakes with flaxseeds the rest of the time. HOT-ROX usually in the morning and then again around 2pm. Flameout out in the morning and then again at night or late evening.

Thats just a simple breakdown of the necessities. If I was you I would really get down and dirty with your reading so you can get a better understanding of what is going on because this is a pretty intense 28 days and you dont want to be doing any guessing at during this time.

Also, the workouts are already planned out for you also just like the diet itself. Keep reading and develop your plan for executing the diet and hopefully this helped you our a little, and i hope I didnt add to your confusion or tell you something wrong. GOODLUCK!!!

Thanks appreciate it man

Do you want me to drink your shakes and train for you as well…

Nah i think i can handle that

Read and get involved in the trip. Understanding the roots of it all and the ideas behind it help to motivate and to encourage your 100% participation. If you are not “pot committed” then you can fold way to easy. The first four or five articles from Shugart in this forum are what you need to digest first. Look at Dan John’s log and also Gus’s journey too.

It works.

Read the stickies mate - it’s nearly all there. Like SWH says, it’s the reading up that gets you convinced/motivated. Good luck if you go for it!

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