Help! Low Libido


How would you battle low libido on the V-Diet? I’ve read a bit and I know the low carbs and lack of cholesterol lead to difficulty in this department… I want to avoid taking anything to artificially stimulate my sex drive (androgens, viagra, etc) and adding carbs/ fats or foods while on this diet is not an option, I’m two weeks in and plan to finish strong. However, no sex is not an option either…

How do you feel about using tribulus?

Do you have any suggestions or protocols i can follow to help?



That’s not a common problem with the V-Diet, though I have heard that reported with very low carb diets.

Are you using the nut butter and Flameout? You may think about subbing the nut butter for coconut oil, just keep cals about the same. (Coconut oil being a healthy saturated fat, if you think that could be an issue.)

I like tribulus. Look into Alpha Male which contains it:


Ill add about 100cal worth of coconut oil to my shake (minus the same with the nut butter) and see how that works. They have Alpha Male at my local Vitamin Shoppe, so Ill go grab some tomorrow. This diet is working well, strength is going up with the advanced program and I’ve lost 8lbs so far, so other than my libido taking a hit I feel great.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.


@ Silvergoat, I took tribulis for about 2 months back around 2007 while training BJJ. It was a great boost to my energy the only problem is that after 2 months I was strung out and really aggressive. Maybe I took the wrong dosage but it did enable me to train 6 days a week twice a day on some days. Possibly if you use some common sense which I did not you will get good results. Good luck with it!