Help Figuring Numbers, 6'11, 345

I have a long list of questions and would appreciate any help i can get, my first question is if anyone has the old formula used to figure out how many calories and protein and carbs you need a day for the V-Diet, the calculator on the site won’t do mine because i am 345 pounds, but i am 6’11, so 345 for me isn’t 345 for someone 5’11 or 6’1, my bf% is around 15%.

My second question is i read were it said not to change anything on the program, the exercises included, i can do most of the exercises in the prescribed program but there is a few i need to change because of seizures i have and i usually use dumbbells or machines for, one example is the front squat, would it be ok if i substituted machine leverage squats in its place, and the pike press, i can’t bend my head over below my heart like that so would it be ok to do dips in place of that.

And lastly i take a pill for my seizures in the morning and at night and i need a solid food for it to absorb, so would a protein bar that fits within my calorie and carb parameters be ok to substitute in place of one of my shakes

Wow. I understand your unique situation - medical conditions and being very tall – but I’m not sure if the V-Diet is right for you at this time. I think I’d have to advise against it. Maybe something like the V-Diet “lite” would be better for you:

Also, be on the lookout for our new Sigma Plan, which I hear will be out next week.

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