Help! Couldn't Stick to Plan

I’m 217 lbs, 5’11" 29 year old male, been doing xfit for the past 6 months I’m in decent shape and dropped about 50lbs with paleo diet.

I started the V-Diet on saturday…couldn’t stick to the plan man, I’d just get so hungry! And I was very tired and on sunday/monday depressed. I ended up eating real food and getting in extra shakes, 1600 calories on a non-workout day is brutal. Does this somehow get easier? Is there some augmented version of this I can do now that I have all this stuff I ordered? I saw a V-Diet lite idea floated around, is there a regimine for that posted somewhere? What should i do? Please help!

Often, it takes a couple of weeks to get over the habits of the past. These habits are often interpreted as hunger, but really aren’t since you are in fact “eating” several meals per day via shakes. Many who are “too hungry” during the first week of the diet end up not even wanting all the required shakes by week #4 as habits change, and many want to continue after that because they like the results and the convenience.

There are also physical addictions to overcome, but that usually only occurs in those who had been previously eating wheat and drinking milk, which contain exorphins and target the opioid receptors in the brain. But if you’ve been on a true Paleo plan then you probably weren’t eating those to begin with.

All that aside, it does take simply being tough for a couple of weeks. It’s a rapid fat loss plan to the extreme after all and is seldom “easy.”

Now, there is an easier version where you replace one or two shakes per day with a healthy solid meal. That’s fine too. If it’s a larger meal, skip two of the shakes. If it’s a smaller meal, use it to replace 1 shake per day.

Lastly, are you using the V-Diet workouts? They are designed just for this type of diet. If you use another method, especially one that contains cardio, you should expect hunger and fatigue since cardio greatly increases hunger and leads to diet failure.

Hey Chris,

thanks for your feedback, I’m actually having an easier time of it today, been able to stick to as prescribed so far today.

As for my training no I haven’t been doing the vdiet workouts, I am doing crossfit stuff a few times a week, here is a sample workout of what I will do today:

1-1/4 Front Squat 5x2xM.E.

For time:
75 pound Thruster, 25 reps
25 Pull-ups w/band
75 pound Thruster, 20 reps
20 Pull-ups w/band

Obviously this will get my heart going as the crossfit workouts aim for intensity, should I change something around them? I have the surge recovery stuff to take after the workout.

  1. CrossFit doesn’t build much muscle on men, except for the beginners. (Those muscular CrossFitters don’t just do the WODs.) You need more traditional weight training. Try the V-Diet workouts. They’ll lead to faster fat loss, more muscle retention or gain, and won’t trigger hunger.

  2. Tip: Sip your Surge Recovery during the workout instead of drinking it all after.

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