Help Choosing Diet Plan

I have been through all the recommended diets suggested on this website but its hard picking out one,and to figure out what to buy and cook 7 days a week and planning those meals to hit 2500 calories what the best diet for a guy a non expensive diet weighing 300 plus trying to drop 100 lbs what is out there im trying my best to stay away from fad diets but this is difficult for me.

  1. Stop eating all the things you are already know are part of the problem - the glaringly obvious junk. You don’t need a specific “diet” to do this or a certain calorie count.

  2. Drop the following: wheat in any form. Read labels. If it has wheat don’t eat it. Read the book Wheat Belly if you don’t know why. Milk: cow’s milk, liquid form. Alcohol: Any form.

Start there and don’t sweat any of the details yet. At 300 pounds and assuming you’re not 6’7" and full of muscle, this is all you need for the first 50 pounds.

I’d also suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G to fix the underlying issues and repartitioning nutrients.

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