Help Avoiding Gluten

Chris, I read articles all possible T-Nation, mark Sisson, Charles Poliquin … but I’m having a hard time, my mother eats gluten and scared of being contaminated by it, I’m losing sleep over it, I’m açogue asking if the meat was not contaminated by gluten, Poliquin has an article talking about the gluten takes 3 months to leave the body, each time it is contaminated … OH GOD! give me good words that I do not get crazy!

If you are not a celiac then you really don’t have to sweat gluten too much. Yes, it’s a good thing to avoid, just avoid wheat and cross-contamination in things like oatmeal (buy gluten-free oatmeal) and you’re good. No need to panic.

Basically, if you’re not eating bread, pasta and cereal, you’re good. And you can buy versions of all those not made with wheat. If you want to get stricter, watch for sauces that may contain traces of wheat like soy sauce and buy the GF versions of those.

But really, there’s no need to over-panic about gluten if you’re not a celiac. And you’d know if you were.

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