Hello, I am a Fatty

Hello everyone. My name is Kevin, and I have come here to help myself get healthy and fit.

A good friend of my at work has been talking to me about trying the V-Diet for a while now. And as I have recently hit my 23rd birthday, and finally realized that I look and feel like crap; that I have decided to take him up on his offer.

Let me start off by telling you all a little about myself, and seeing as I don’t know much about you, I am a little scared.

As of today, August 11th, I weigh in at 320 lbs, and am just under 6’. For the most part of my life I have been obese. I have tried dieting a few times in the past, but would let another distraction of mine pull me off track. Too complicated, too much going on at home or work or school, and I would get off track. And once I slip, I am not going back.

The reason I am turned onto this V-Diet is because it is somewhat simple to start. I understand the amount of will power it is going to take, and how difficult it is going to be. But I sit here saying enough is enough; I NEED TO CHANGE!

And change is what I plan on doing. For if I don’t, I will surely not live as long as I would like to.

I have come here, and posted this, to get help, and hopefully I will get some help. I plan on starting this Sunday, August 17th. I have ordered my supplies and am working on my schedule. What I need help with is planning out my weight exercise work-outs that I should do while doing this initial start of this permanent change to my life-style. Keep in mind that I have no equipment at home and am not sure how much I can afford to purchase. Any ideas that I can do to help prevent muscle loss ( because I don’t have much to lose!).

I will most likely keep this thread updated with my progress, if people are interested, and hopefully I will make progress.

Thank you for your time.

Basic plans are drawn out on the first threads you see in the forum. #1. Walk EVERDAY on the non-lifting days, walk in the morning and in the evening. Don’t jog, don’t run…walk. Get in your car and map out 1 mile from your house…walk to that point and walk back…two miles. How long will it take? Who cares. Go for a walk.

#2. If you don’t have access to weights, then do body weight exercises. Squats, lunges, situps, pushups, planks. Do a look up on the 'net and find some body weight exercises and do them. It’s just 3 days a week. How long? How many? Not long and not many to start out or you’ll burn out. Keep it simple and then progress. Lots of help on the 'net, use it. The nutrition info is easy. Make your shakes, drink em. take your supps and MOVE. Move everyday of the week.
When you can walk two miles easy, go to 2 1/2…then 3. Work up to an hour at a time.

You got where you are slowly, this will come off quickly, if you adhere to the basics and follow the lead of those who have done this. Many have failed. You must be 100% mentally prepared for this or you can too. It works. But for it to work you have to also.

I was in your shoes also. Although I was only 240lbs I’ve dropped 5lbs a week consistantly based off of the advice I’ve been given by these people here.

My advice to you is to burn off the ‘easy’ fat first. Especially if you haven’t done any physical activity on a consistant basis.

Get rid of 30-40lbs of the easy weight then do the V-Diet. You’ll find out if you have the will power to actually go through with it by then.

I want to say te same thing as above…Get rid off some few pounds, starts weight training to learn the basics, have a good form, do some cardio (or jsute walking). Being a former 340 lbs women, I confirm the first 20lbs or so a pretty easy to get rid off… The V-Diet is not only about dieting but also about training as well. And this in my opinion needs preparation to know what you’re doing and have the consistency needed.

As you mention, you have no equipment, this also takes time. Have you think about maybe going to a gym instead?

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