Height and Lean Mass in Calculating Daily Caloric Intake

I’ll get my stats out of the way right off the bat so I can frame my questions.

Height - 6’4
Weight - 261
Age - 23
Body type - Meso-Endo

Squat - 512.5 with knee wraps
Bench - 315x2 (320)
Deadlift - 560 sumo, 550 conventional
Row - 315x3
I listed my lifts because I have no idea what my bf percentage is, but I would guess 20-24%.

Basically my question revolves around the calculator that is used to give you your daily intake on and off workout days. I was messing around with it, and for someone my weight I get:
Workout - 2,130
Non workout - 1,800

I noticed you have to drop all the way down to 237 before the calories drop 100 calories…It just doesn’t seem right to me that someone weighing 22 pounds less than me (238) would have the same daily intake.

I know there is an upper limit to what someone should weigh before undertaking this diet…but I have a bigger frame and decent size/strength (below average for my weight though).

Why isn’t height or lean mass taken into account for calories? Should I take exactly what the calculator gives me? And no, I don’t think I am a special snow flake haha. :slight_smile: I just don’t want to set myself up for failure.

your probably better off posting this is the ask chris thread…he responds to peoples questions a couple times a day

Most people have know idea what their body comp is. The calculator is an estimate that applies to most people, though occasionally we get the statistical anomaly i.e. the 6"8’ guy who’s not obese but is over 265 due to his height and body structure. If anyone is unsure, they can post their photo and we’ll tell you whether you’re an anomaly or a delusional fat guy [smiley face and all that.]

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