Healthy Solid Meal - Questions about Food Choices and Overall Macros

Plan on starting the Velocity Diet this week, but had a few questions about the daily meal. I’m 6’0" / 250 lbs (ultimate goal around 200), 40’s, male if that helps with your advice.

  1. How much protein should I be shooting for. I was thinking around 50 grams.
  2. Should I be carb-cycling the daily meal? Because of the big hit of carbs in the Plazma on workout days, the diet already does this to some extent. Is that something that should be continued with the daily meal as well?
  3. Is fruit off limits? The book just says to have veggies and a starch.
  4. What about healthy fats - olives, avocados, nuts, seeds - should I avoid these during the diet?


Somewhere in that neighborhood should be fine, give or take a bit. The shakes have the overwhelming majority of your daily protein intake covered, plus the Plazma on training days, so don’t overstress about “having to” hit a target macro in the HSM at the expense of total calories.

Nope, not necessary. It’s a low-carb plan no matter what. Carb cycling isn’t a necessary element to try adding it, especially since you’d only be manipulating the one meal.

Like you said, the Plazma on training days vs its removal on rest days covers that aspect anyhow.

Not so much off limits, just unnecessary. The Superfood has you covered nutritionally, so any fruit would just be a carb/calorie source. As long as you treat them as such, you could probably work it into the HSM if you wanted to.

Just know that they’ll bump some of the starches out of the meal in order to keep things on track.

Minimizing them is best because they’re so calorie-dense. Flameout covers your essential fatty acid intake and it’s super-easy to go over daily calories when you start adding fats to a meal.

Any incidental fats in your protein source are fine, but if you have a side salad or something, one tablespoon of olive oil on it would be almost a quarter of your entire calories for the meal.

Thanks for all the feedback. I’m maybe overthinking it a bit, but I appreciate the help.

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