Healthy Solid Meal Macros?


With the 700 calorie healthy meal, what do you think would be the most optimal macro breakdown ?

I.e 35% pro
30% cho
30% fats

Same for the off day hsm ?

Thankyou in advance Aaron

Double-check to see that it’s up to 700 calories. Not flat-out 700 necessarily. The ebook explained why it’s important to play with the calorie range.

It’s not really about measuring out macros, because that’s an added variable that can add stress, could go wrong, and doesn’t necessarily teach sustainable habits. Plenty of people do like to count, and they do it accurately and without issue, but it’s not mandatory and it doesn’t let you develop as much of an intuitive eating habit when you go out, for example.

If you stick to the general guidelines with a lean animal protein, vegetables, and a good carb source, and especially practice the recommended mindful eating, it should sort itself out as being lower fat, moderate protein, and moderate carbs.

Like the ebook says, it should be slightly lower cals on non-training days.

Sorry if I’m just repeating myself here , should I be choosing a chicken breast over chicken thighs?
Or cod (low fat) over salmon ect?.

If I were to have just a chicken breast , potatoes and vegetables with no added fat ,
that would be quite a large meal with a large portion of protein and a fair few potatoes if I were to consume around 700 cals that’s about 100g carbs 60 -70g protein is this alot for this diet?
I’m not sure if I’m missing something or over thinking it .

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thankyou Aaron

Again, the book explains that the HSM is up to 700 calories, not straight-out 700. You can absolutely adjust portion sizes a bit to shave calories down.

Honestly, kinda leaning towards overthinking. You’re not locked in to repeating one HSM. In fact, part of the benefit of the V-Diet is retraining yourself to more instinctively make better choices. Do the HSMs, notate in your log what you had and when, do your weekly measurements and progress stats, and adjust as needed.

But stressing over cod vs salmon or chicken breast vs thighs is missing the bigger picture because there’s no “wrong” choice with those. It’s more about repeatedly choosing the chicken breast/thigh with baked potatoes over the double baconator, and learning how to cook fish over memorizing drive-thru hours.

Thanks Chris

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