Healthy Pizzas

Ive been making the cheese crust following chris’ recipe for a while now, but i am just wondering if the topings on the pizza should be cooked already and simply added to the finished crust? Thats what ive been doing, but the toppings aren’t “melted” into the pizza. I am scared that if i put it back in the oven at 350 degrees for like 10-15 more minutes afterwards that the crust will be burnt.


With most of the recipes here, you cook the crust, add toppings, then toss it all back in the oven until it melts together.

For some wheat-free, pre-made frozen crusts, you add toppings first and cook it all together.

do i put it back in the oven on broil at the same temp for 10-15 min? and it wouldnt burn the cheese/coconut flour crust recipe would it?

thanks a lot

Either way. Just keep an eye on it. Cooking is all about trying different things and seeing what works best, refining each time until it’s how you like it.

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