Headache on Day 2

I started Velocity Diet yesterday. The shakes give me a headache, it’s more like a pressure than a horrible headache.
Is this normal and is there anything that I can do to get rid of it

No, not normal. And we’ve never heard of anyone getting a headache from a protein shake, unless it’s mixed with ice and it’s an “ice cream headache.”

This is likely caused by something else. Are still using caffeine? Stopping the use of caffeine will cause a headache if you used a lot of it previously. HOT-ROX, if you chose to use, does contain some caffeine though.

The removal of certain foods, such as wheat/gluten, will also cause temporary headaches because wheat is addictive and many people even withdrawal from it. It’s not pleasant, but it’s wheta is still a good thing to get rid of or minimize if your goal is fat loss and remaining lean.

If you are using HOT-ROX, you may want to cut down the dosage and then work back to full dosage.

Its not a brain freeze. It’s a constant pressure but not a headache. I didn’t take HOT-ROX yet but i did drank a lot of coffee before i started the diet.
I also ate a lot of wheat/gluten
Do you recommend drinking some coffee and slowly cut back?

If it’s caffeine withdrawal, it can take a few days to normalize again. A small amount of caffeine usually ends the headache. If you’d like to get rid of caffeine forever, then you just have to wait it out. But black coffee is fine on the V-Diet if you like it and don’t plan on giving up all caffeine forever.

If it’s wheat/gluten withdrawal, then it may take 5-6 days or so to be over it. But again, it’s usually a good idea to drop gluten anyway, even if you’re not a celiac. So think of it as “detoxifying” from gluten, which is a good thing.

Other foods, especially junk foods, can have the same effects when you stop eating them. The V-Diet is, in a way, an elimination diet that allows you get most potential problematic foods out of your system. Some find the first week tough because of this, but after 2-3 weeks everything is normalized and healthy. If it is a gluten thing, be sure to leave wheat out of your weekly healthy solid meal (HSM.)

will stick with it

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