HB's V-Diet Journal

Background: I’m currently in a body transformation contest with a couple of friends. We are all located in different parts of the US, and decided to use the competition to stay motivated and keep ourselves in check. My main goal was to increase strength and maintain a waist size under 36 in. I was doing well for the majority of this year. For the entire 2013, i’ve been living out of a hotel as I’m in the process of moving from the west coast back to the east coast.

This year I was following IF style eating (16 hour fasting, 8 hours of eating works best for me), along with 5/3/1 training. That was going very well for me. But my schedule changed drastically during the last 4 months. For the past 4 months my workout opportunities became less and sleep suffered due to stress (work and moving process).

I have exactly a month before my house will be ready to move in. During the next month, my schedule shouldn’t require as much traveling thus I figured it would be prime time to rectify the past 4 months of damage to my body.

Measurement Day:

  • Height =6’3"
  • Weight =213
  • Neck = 14"
  • Shoulders =48.4"
  • Chest = 39.4"
  • Waist= 35.6
  • Upper Arm (L and R same)= 14"
  • Thigh (L and R same) = 24.4"
    *Calf(L) = 15.3"
    *Calf ® = 15.4"

Approx. Caliper BF measurement: 14.6% BF

Goals: 1) Waist under 35"
2) Increase conditioning
3) Get 7-9 hours sleep a night

Concerns: 1) Since i’ve been following IF, eating multiple meals a day will take some time to adjust.
2) I have a slight pain in my right calf muscle. It occurred during a stiff leg deadlift about a month ago. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with the exercises.

Aug 11th Before Pic:

Day 1- 2

Pretty easy. Considering all the fast food I was eating the previous weeks, I looked forward to a more healthy option. Two painless days down. Good workout plus walked outside both days.

Day 3

Didn’t sleep well. Lack of sleep may have led to subpar day. Today was the first time I took 4 HOT-ROX. I think my magic number is 2 in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon. Past experience tell me anymore than that and I feel odd. Second workout session didn’t feel great. Big difference in energy level today. Lack of sleep or the diet? 25 more days to go and discover!

Day 3

Didn’t sleep well overnight. Lack of sleep led to a subpar day. Today was first time I took 4 HOT-ROX. Didn’t like the way i felt. My magic number for HOT-ROX is 2 in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon.

I had very little energy during workout but pushed through it. Hard to tell if it’s the diet or just a bad sleeping night. 3 days down, 25 more to go!

Day 4

Starting to get harder. I believe that I just have to catch up on some sleep. Slept better last night than previous weeks, but still felt tired and sore throughout day. Drinking the shakes isn’t problematic, it’s drinking throughout multiple times a day that i’m still getting use to.

Today ended up being a office BBQ party with people of course urging me to eat some. I survived and didn’t give in. 4 Days down, 24 more to go!

Day 6

Not sure why Day 5 didn’t post, but i’m still ticking. Day 5 was a workout day that kicked my ass!

Noticing that it seems like I have dry mouth alot despite actually increasing water intake. Going to monitor the amount of water I drink.


1st V-burn Challenge: 59 mins 38 secs to complete. Workout time shows how bad my current conditioning is. Nothing but up from here!

1st Healthy Solid Meal: 8 oz Grilled Swordfish, corn/green bean succotash, mixed green salad (balsamic vinaigrette on side)

I still seem to have a very dry mouth despite drinking lots of water. Will keep an eye on it.

Day 8

Second week. Not the best of workouts, but I survived. My biggest problem hasn’t been hungry. My biggest problem has been the first shake of the day with Flax Seed. For the past week, i’ve noticed it’s been the hardest shake to get down. I mainly think it’s a combo of me not eating breakfast regularly for the past year plus just the texture of flax meal in the morning. I was worried about how my body would respond after the first solid meal day. Luckily, my body responded just fine today. Even my wife cooking today had no effect on my hungry. Additionally, she (feeling very guilty!) baked some cookies. Hard to believe, but the sweet smell actually made me feel sick to my stomach.

8 Days down, 20 more to go!

Day 9

Nothing glorious to report today. Just drank my shakes and moved on. I even watched a few minutes of “Man vs Food” and didn’t get the urge to eat some solid food. The food on the tv looked good, but my mind/body accepts that the shakes are making me full. Even the Flax seed shakes didn’t bother me today. Activity I did forget to do was my daily walk.

In a friendly challenge among some friends of mine, tonight will be Night 1 of me attempting to get eight hours of sleep.

9 Days down, 19 more to go!

Day 10

Felt like I had more energy in today’s workout. Still not feeling super strong but there was a difference between today and last week. Followed the weight lifting session with a 42 min treadmill walk. Once workout was over I had the pleasure of coming home to an apartment filled with the scent of chicken baking…ummmm. Despite the delightful smell, I’m still in the game!

I haven’t done any measurements or jumped on a scale, but I know the weight is coming off due to my wedding ring flying off my hand every time I move my hand lol. My fingers are always the first to go when sliming down.

I think I solved the dry mouth problem I’ve been experiencing. I think it’s just shake residue in my mouth causing me to dry up.

10 days down, 18 more to go!

Day 11

Drank my shakes. Walked my walk.

11 days down, 17 more to go!

Day 12

Drank my shakes. Did my workout at night followed by a treadmill walk.

12 days down, 16 more to go!

Day 13

2nd V-burn Challenge: 44 mins 10 sec.

Took ALOT out of me to get to that time. Last time I said I had nowhere to go but up. Same applies next week, gotta get 44 mins 9 secs or better. I think my better time was also due to the fact that I only had 5 grams of BCAAs prior to the morning workout. Last week I had one Shake in me and I didn’t feel right. BCAAs are not in the “plan” but for morning intense cardio, I prefer BCAAs over a flax seed shake.

I went grocery shopping today for the first time since being on this diet. Felt kinda odd cause I was mainly shopping for other people as well as my HSM for tomorrow. I love to cook but the fact that I know I’m not eating didn’t make the experience fun. I found myself wanting to get out of there asap. Didn’t feel tempted but my body just did not want to be in a place it knows it shouldn’t be.

13 days down, 15 more to go!

Halfway there dude. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
I feel you on the BCAAs. I can usually train with those. Anything else in my stomach and I don’t feel too hot afterwards.

Day 14

Waist measurement: 34.1 inches
HSM: Tandoori chicken, roasted tandoori cauliflower, jasmine rice, 2 slices of watermelon, 1/4 cup veggie chips, 6 mini chocolate cookies

Cooked the chicken and veggies myself. Made sure I filled up on that before touching the chips/cookies. No guilty feeling. Time to get ready for next week and hit the gym hard.

14 days down, 14 more to go! Halfway home

Thanks for the encouragement lcarus.

Day 15

Front Squat/Chin Up/Bench/Ab roller day. Good fast paced workout. Due to family obligations, I was unable to get a walk in today. My HSM was so good yesterday I was worried that I might experience somewhat of a hangover effect today. No such problem. Only problem today was a bad sleeping night led to me feeling tired before noon. Still working on that 8 hour/night challenge with my friends.

15 Days down, 13 more to go! Feels good to have more days down than days to go!!!

Day 16

Went to bed late, felt tired all day. Got home late from work. Not motivated to do my walk. Need to start slapping myself for missing these walks. Drank my shakes, still in the game. Forgot to mention that sometime last week the first shake of the day started to go down smoothly. I think my body finally got used to flax seeds again. So no problem with the AM shake anymore.

16 Days down, 12 more to go!

Day 17

Late PM workout followed by treadmill walk. Got through it. Drank my shakes, moved on.

17 Days down, 11 more to go!

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