Having an Issue with Hot-Rox Extreme

I’m not a big fan of pre-workouts, they always make me jittery. But lately I’ve started taking one cap of HotRox Extreme on days when my energy and motivation are dragging a little.

What I’ve noticed is that at some point in my workout after taking a HotRox I run into a complete wall. I essentially get the feeling like I haven’t eaten prior to training and I’m about to pass out - a bit tingly, dizzy and light headed and the body just feels like there’s no strength. Here’s the thing though, it usually goes away after I take 2-3 minutes to collect myself and I’m able to finish the training session without a problem.

The other thing about it I’ve noticed is that it tends to happen at the end of a long effort where I’m really huffing and puffing. One example - if I do some kind of high-rep circuit, it’ll happen in the middle of that. Another example - I do some boxing and usually do about 25 3 minute rounds (footwork, heavy bag, mitts, speed bag, etc.). On the days I take the HotRox before boxing around 2/3 - 3/4 of the way through my workout I’ll have a brief “episode” and then be fine and able to finish the workout. On the days I box but don’t take HotRox, it doesn’t happen.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s a reaction to the caffeine? For background, I’m not much of a caffeine consumer - usually about a cup of green tea a day and nothing more. Or could it be something else in the formula? Any help is much appreciated.

Hot-Rox can help with that of course, but it’s a thermogenic first and foremost. So it’s primarily meant to burn fat, with the energy boost as a secondary benefit.

If your number one goal for a supplement is a pre-workout energy boost, look at caffeine-free Brain Candy .

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, then that’s the most likely scenario. Each cap of Hot-Rox has about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee, so it’s likely just more than you’re used to having at one time.

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