Have This Urge To Run


Well, I have pretty much adapted to the V-Diet on food.
In fact, because I had a week of low-carb before diet, I have no problem at all.
But 10 days into the diet, I feel this sudden urge to run.
I was never a good runner. I don’t really know. Maybe I just miss it a little bit.

Is it normal?


You might want to back off the HOT-ROX…

Seriously though- sounds like you might be over stimulated and you don’t appear to weigh much based on your profile photo.

The stimulants might be too much for you.


Some people note that they feel lighter and more agile once the excess fat starts coming off. Maybe that’s why you feel the urge to run?

I’m no fan of jogging or long distances, but if you feel like increasing activity in general, go for it. Just don’t abuse the “cardio.”


Also, just took measurements yesterday.
Why did my arms get bigger? If my measurements weren’t wrong.
I don’t recall doing curls or pulldowns.