Have I Done Everything I Can? Cabo Here I Come!


Here I go again…First off, I have completed the V-Diet once before in November of 2008. It was an amazing journey of mental strength and in the end I lost 28 pounds (from 227 to 199).

I managed to eat and drink all of those pounds back on and added a half-pack a day smoking habit to the mix. Two months ago I quit smoking cold turkey and the habits of my mind began to change.

I am currently on day 6 of the old protocol (I had a lot of the supplies left over from my failed effort. I feel VERY confident that I will complete the program again this time.

I will post before pics ASAP…I didn’t even weigh in as ultimately pictures are worth 1000 words anyway and I already know the results in terms of weight loss from my previous efforts.

My training protocol is simple: the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program (ABBH) and I play recreational hockey as well. My rationale for this is simple it is fast and effective, and I like the increasing intensity of the program allows me to “ease” back into the workouts (it’s a rude easing in, but week one is typically not horrible anyway). I understand that likely it will be a difficult challenge to increase my weights and reps through the diet, but it puts the weight program on the same timeline as the diet.

Oh and did I mention that I work 18 hours a day 3 days a week and 8 on the other 2 with Saturdays and Sundays off!?!?! (kinda puts time at a premium!!!)

My motivation to complete is simple…#1 is to kind of surprise my girlfriend with a new bod for when we hit on the beaches of Cabo in April (although she sees me daily right now it is often in passing with our work schedule, and I crawl into bed late at night when I get home from my second job, so it might be a shock when she see’s me in beachwear) AND #2 is to be able to post pics on here as PROOF that I GOT IT DONE!!!

Anyone else close to day 6 so that we can act as motivation and encouragement for each other? It would be nice to have an online support group for this one!!!


Workouts so far:


Hockey (1.5 hours)


10X3 Incline Bench with 65lb dumbells
10X3 Seated rows with 130 pounds (whatever that means with all the pulleys)
Med ball toe touches X50
Bicycles X50
Russian Twists X50

I Haven’t been in the gym in a year so I am taking it pretty slow!!!

Next workout will have to wait till Saturday as i work 4 shifts totalling 36 hours today and tomorrow!!!

I’m on Day 9 at the moment, but my starting weight was somewhat identical, so it’s nice to know you made such great progress the first time around. I also have a few days where I work nearly 15 hours, but I think you got me beat there.
Best of luck!

[quote]Godsleftsock wrote:
I’m on Day 9 at the moment, but my starting weight was somewhat identical, so it’s nice to know you made such great progress the first time around. I also have a few days where I work nearly 15 hours, but I think you got me beat there.
Best of luck![/quote]

Stick it out for sure…you are gonna have some tough days…but none tougher than you have already experienced, so if you made it this far keep going. I feel your pain on the long days, working 2 jobs is mother f’er on this diet.

Keep me posted on your progress, I will continue to update my log as frequently as possible and if you need a little support give a shout out.


Day 8-HSM day:

Went out for lunch today and held it together pretty well, we shared a shrimp roll and salad for appetizers and I ordered a sirloin steak with asparagus and salad for a main. I am acquiring a taste for San Pelegrino water through this first week (as a substitute for beer!!!).

Today was supposed to be a workout day, but we decided that after 2-18 hour work days in a row that sleeping on the couch and watching movies might be a better idea. So tomorrow’s workout will look like this:

10X3-Front Squat
10X3-Overhead dumbell press
10X3-Dumbell arm curls

I will post weights once the workout is done…I am also trying to figure out how to get my before photos off the camera’s memory without a usb cord (lost) I accidentally left the memory card out (bummer).

feel ok, kinda bummed out that I wont see another solid meal until next saturday, but I also know that will put me at day 15 and there is certainly no turning back from there!!!

So for now I remain strong…seems pretty easy so far compared to last, the only time I am finding it hard is when my stomach really disagrees with the Metabolic Drive, but it certainly leaves you feeling more full than other products (I have tried with others and it is even tougher to nearly impossible.

Have a great rest of the weekend,


Front Day 1

Side day 1

Back day 1

Front day 8

Side day 8

back day 8

Workout today as follows:

Front Squat 10X3 at 185
Dumbell overhead press 10X3 w/50’s
Dumbell arm curls 10X3 w/45’s

I also have a rec. hockey game tonight to replace NEPA, and another workout and game tomorrow, workouts come in bunches…but that is the price I have to pay when I work from 8am to 1 am on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays…no time for workouts.

Legs are gonna be SORE tomorrow…the soreness started setting in like 30 minutes after the workout…but I guess that is to be expected when you forget the gym address since the last time I did the V-diet!!!

Tomorow will be dips and cable pulldowns…5X10 plus core…I am a little depressed that I can’t even come close to 5X10 chin ups anymore but no sense in pouting about it!!!


Day 10

Never felt the slightest bit hungry yesterday, no cravings…nothing. Did a leg workout yesterday which would have to be the first in a year(ish). It wasnt super easy and I was expecting the soreness to be terrrible (I am usually BIG TIME sore for 4-5 days even when I have been training)…I started feeling it yesterday, but followed the post-workout routine of having SURGE and I have to say I am sold on the merits of this product…I have a minimum amount of soreness today and I am going to attribute that directly to SURGE.

Question that hopefully someone knows the answer to…

I have to cluster my workouts (sometimes 2 and 3 days in a row) due to my work schedule. Is it OK to increase my calorie intake on 2-3 days in a row (via SURGE) or does this undermine the diet in some way?

Thanks, and WOW am I sold on the effects of SURGE!!!

Still going strong on Day 10, see you all at the finish line!!!


AJ - good luck…looks like you’re doing well!

Looking Awesome Dude Keep it up, I am doing again as well, Will need to start a log

I cursed myself by saying I was on autopilot on Sunday!!! Yesterday was THE WORST day so far. I absolutely could not stomach my shakes…got 1 and 2 down and then came the puke salivating, the thought of another was enough to set me into gagging and I puked a little bit up in my mouth several times before I was supposed to do shake #3. Bit the bullet and just said screw it. Put down 200 calories of beef jerky and 2 whole eggs. Stomach was fine after that and I was back on for shakes 4 and 5. I am not too worried about it, you do what you have to do right!!!

Today has been fine so far other than the fact that I played hockey last night, fortunately the pace of the game was pretty pedestrian, but I am still exhausted!!!

But I will finish today (day 12) no problems, and keep plugging away at getting to day 28. I am looking forward to the comparison picture this week as I am really starting to feel like I look thinner now!!!

Can’t wait to see what the second half brings, and I am now starting to plan out the ever elusive HSM!!!

Yesterday was a breeze, bartending on wing night should have been torture, but the thought of wings is starting to be less than appealing. I even went out for drinks with friends after I got off my 18 hour shift and didn’t have anything but a club soda!!! I am not willing to bend on this…I will get through.

Today has been a breeze as well, St. Patty’s tonight and the boys are gonna wanna go out…looks like I will be driving a bunch of fools around into the wee hours.

Workout will be a simple upper body workout, I will post when complete. Going pretty easy on the workouts as I have been “retired” from the gym for a while now…I figure anything is better than nothing! Picture day coming up on Sunday hope the results are a little more evident.

Happy St. Patty’s day

Day 15, still alive and kicking in the diet…pics tomorrow. Happy to be over the halfway point. HSM today…can’t wait, I feel a nice steak and veggies coming on!!!

Day 17…

Still doing it, I will post pics tonight, can’t wait to get into the single digits for days remaining!!!

Keep up the good work!

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