Has Anyone Gotten Into Single Digits Using V-Diet?


Has anyone gotten into single digits of bodyfat using v-diet? what was your starting and ending weight and % ?


Are you talking about people other than Gus Pacho?


Um, me!

And this guy recently:

But honestly, if you can see all your abs, does the exact percentage really matter? People put way to much focus on numbers instead of what they see in the mirror.


i am at about 186lbs and 12.5%right now and was wondering if i can get into single digits off one 28 day cycle?


Get tested enough ways, and I’m sure you’ll fine a method to give you whatever number you want see.

If you want to lose fat and forget about the silly meaningless probably inaccurate numbers, then yes, you can easily lose the fat you want to lose in 28 days.


Thanks for the motivation thats what I needed!