Harrison's V-Diet Log

Received my order last week, I have decided to start on Monday.

I find myself very nervous about taking on such a enormous task of reforming not only my body structure but my mental composition as well. The thought of going through food rehab has slowly scared me straight to reverse the path I have been going down for a while now.

I am very much like the lot of you, looking for change in a big way, while attempting to do it the right way, the first time.

I will post my stats tomorrow, pictures will follow.

Not totally sure if a lot of people will follow but I plan on using this log extensively to track not only the diet itself, but my mindset throughout the process.

small history of how I got here.

A classic case of former athlete who has turned to the dark side of the early 20’s lifestyle. The life in the fast lane filled with years of hard boozing has left both my mind and body ravaged.

I am half the athlete I use to be, as my physical structure has clearly suffered from many late nights and early mornings. While my mindset towards health and proper living conditions continues to grow into one that cannot accept where I currently sit as a man of my age.

Basic Stats

Age: 22
Height: 6’1
Weight: 230

Welcome to the madness! Don’t be nervous about the changes that you are about to undertake, they are all postive one! We’re all here doing the same thing and you have the support here that you need from us. Call out if you need help! Best of luck to you!

Wow today has been quite the experiance so far.

Day 1 â??

Woke up 7am. Woke up with a headache - Shake at 8am I mixed together all the ingredients only to have the fucking blender come apart at the bottom and have everything in liquid form spill onto the ground. This really stressed me out but I focused, cleaned the mess and started over. I found the shake to be very filling, surprisingly.

HOT-ROX in the morning, found it burned the throat a bit, was worried this would continue but wasnâ??t anything to worry about. Flameout pills are huge! ahhaha go down easy though. Going to have to pick up some fibre tablets for tomorrow.

Shake 2 - 12pm - Filling, I find I enjoy the taste of Superfood and L-Leucine.

Workout 1pm - Good to be back in the gym. Will post about this bellow.

NEPA Walk 20min Treadmill Speed 4

Post Workout Shake 2pm - Filling. Could be better with timing.

Shake 3 - 4pm - Again Filling, find myself to be getting queasy while consuming.

Shake 4 (Dinner 7pm - not hungry at all, putting this off till around 7pm.

Bedtime Shake - 11pm

Wow what a day so far. I was super nervous the entire day, yet found my comfort zone, by the afternoon. Cant believe how non hungry I am, yet I find myself very aware of food, smells and what other people are eating around me.

The workout session was a bit of a cluster fuck. Went to a new gym, decided I needed to mix things up a bit, inspiring seeing the new faces and people working really hard. Workout was intense yet simple and just under 45min. Will have to fine tune the weights/reps yet I am fairly confident for Wednesdays workout.

NEPA walk 20 min x speed 4
Dumbell Squat 4x10x55lbs
Bentover Row 4x10x50
DB Bench 4x10x35
Plank Hold 4x40 seconds

Workout thoughts

Not totally sure about the DB Squat, felt much more like a deadlift movement for some reason.
DB Bench took some figuring out with weight vs reps
Plank Hold, not totally sure how to go about reps vs sets for this. Is it just timed per set?

Random thoughts

  • Preparing to take my shakes with me throughout the day has proven to be time consuming; this is expected for the first day though. I believe I have a good spacing of the shakes to accompany my work and life schedule for the day

  • I am drinking more water daily than I ever have before in my entire life.

  • My energy levels are higher than I thought they would be.

  • I have learned the importance of Tupperware containers and what shaker bottles work and which ones are garbage.

  • I am feeling a little shaky here and there.

  • My daily NEPA goes much farther than my scheduled walks themselves. I ride a bicycle to get around town, plus my work is outdoors at a country club, lots of walking around all day throughout the property.

Going to post measurements tonight.

Back at it for Day 2

Woke up feeling great

slept in a little

Breakfast Shake at 10am

Shake Two, well after lunch time, was still very full from breakfast

Shake 3, 4pm

Shake 4 was very filling, very good, 6pm

Got very hungry and ancy just after supper, losing my energy, so I was forced to fight through it and take my last shake around 9

the natural peanut butter is great.

overall gerat day

NEPA 20min 230pm

Height -6.1
Weight - 230
Neck 42.1 cm
Shoulders -127.7 cm
Chest Upper -107.4 cm
Chest Lower -106 cm
Waist - at Navel 108.3 cm
Waist - at largest 107.2 cm
Hips - at largest 114 cm
Upper Arm L 35 cm
Upper Arm R 36 cm
Upper Leg L 72.4 cm
Upper Leg R 71.2 cm
Lower Leg L 44 cm
Lower Leg R 44 cm
Ankle L 26.7 cm
Ankle R 26.7 cm

Good luck. We’re going at the same time so I’ll keep tabs on you!

just got back from the gym. It was a poor session. Energy just wasnt there, busted ass though, fought through it. Became very light headed as soon as I got home, made a quick shake of Surge and relaxed, I have caught my breath and have to get ready for work.

the thought of food is slowly creeping into my mind frame. Must fight temptation


Thanks for the input. I will be taking Surge with me from now on. Im uploading pics now.




side #2

not pretty but there it is.

It is funny, under near clothes I as well as many others look completely normal, in fact some might assume I am “in shape”

Yet this is obliviously not the case. what motivation.

Good luck with your diet. I started the same time too.

If the shakes are taking too much time each day it may be easier for you to bag a weeks worth at once. I did my first 8 days when I started so all I have to do is dump a baggie in my shaker cup, add ice and water and go to town. I was anal enough to measure all the ingredients out to the gram when baggieing them though. But it has made such hectice week much simplier for me.

Today I started to learn from my mistakes. After I have my breakfast shake, I sort out the rest of the days shakes into various containers. It is easy, simple, and kind of fun.

Going well fella.

How many different flavour shakes have you got? I’ve got Strwberry/Vanilla/Choclate and I’m already fed up with them.

I have the same as you. I mix 1 poat vanilla with 2 parts chocolate 90% of the time. It is getting a little dull, but going on day 4 it could be worse. havent even touched the strawberry yet

Day 3 went well diet wise

I have a good system down for shake preparation.

I didnt crash nearly as hard as I did the first few days post 4pm. In fact around 9pm I was feeling great, and drank my last shake casually.

Natural peanut butter is complete bliss. never would have thought I would enjoy this stuff as much as I do. I am never going back to that shit kraft.

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