Harp 2012 V-Diet Log

So i started the V diet on Monday June 3rd. Workout is intermediate.

Quick Stats: Female 62 inches weight 147.2 lbs Waist navel 30 inches, Around Love handles 33, Hips at widest 41.25 body fat by weighing scale 34% ( it is not very accurate but its on there …)

So far so good.
Monday June 3rd , day one
6:30 am 1 HOT-ROX
8 am Break fast shake
12 pm 2nd shake
2 pm 2nd HOT-ROX
3pm 3rd shake

Work out:
Front Squats, I have always done back squats so i am trying to accomplish good technique as well and strength in a different alignment. This weight is about 50 lbs lighter than my back squat but its good to try new things. 75lbs: reps 6,6,8,6
chin up under handed Bw: 3, 2 Lat pulldown 80lbs 4,5,5,5
DB press 40lb dumbell @arm : 5,6,4,3
no roller so medicine ball crunches 10, 10

NEPA walk 3 miles

Post workout immediately Surge.
30 minutes later dinner
2hrs later post dinner shake

bedtime good sleep

Tuesday June 4th Day 2

Same as yesterday for supplements
NEPA walk 3.5 miles

Feeling good.

Day 3, June 5th

Bumped it up to 2 HOT-ROX per dose to maximmum of 4.

Shakes stay the same.

Step up: stepabout 12 inches … maybe a little taller. DB 25lbs x2 : 40 reps
DB bent over rows 20lbs: 8,8,10,8,7
Push Press 25lb DBs: 8, 10,9, 8,9
Barbell curl bar only =45lbs: 10, 10, 10,10
Reverse Crunch: 15, 11, 15

Nepa walk 30 minutes.

good :slight_smile:

now that i am all caught up i will try to log everyday. So far so good. Hunger pangs not too bad and the shakes are delicious and filling.

NEPA 45 minute walk this morning. Fun! 3 miles

This morning weight just cause i was curious and felt so good after a morning walk = 143.4 lbs. It probable is water and i have no intention of weighing myself everyday but the walk gave me time to think about work, plan my day. Awesome destress before stress. That pobably something to do with fat loss.

I have been adding a bit of Cayenne pepper to my dinner shake , the heat and tingle is awesome. Conquering day 4

Day five went well. All chocolate shakes today :slight_smile: ha . Although Biotest has the first vanilla flavor that does not taste like soap. I wish i had gone half and half when i ordered but chocolate is good too.
So today i walked a lot at work so i think that covered my 1 hour NEPA and then some.

Gym workout day 3 was:

Deadlift 145lbs: 10,10,10,10
1 pull up … theses are hard for me but one good one no jump no swing . then Lat pulldown 70 lbs; 8,10,8,10, 4 shooting for forty here
hand walk out. 40 walkouts whew.

Also TGIF and i have decided friday is my hsm day because i am most likely to be tempted to go out and grab a lager on this day so here it is. Yellow fin tuna, with mixed greeen salad, roasted cauliflower and sweet potato.
After dinner shake later tonight sake to follow, then bed.

Enjoy your HSM! Hang in there the weekends can be tough!

Yes they are thanks. V challenge today.

Going well so far. PMS bloat situation is a bit unbearable and I have never had this happen before also i normally have CRAZY carb cravings and they were even worse.

my waist has shrunk a bit but the bloat added an inch ill do measurements when i feel human again in a few days,

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