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I’m running to the store to pick up some HOT-ROX, flaxseeds, and possibly a new multi in about 10 minutes. This will complete my massive supplement list, so tomorrow i can fully engage my V-Diet. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in 28 days, i will look like a freakin roman sculpture. That’s for damn sure.

Normally I would keep to myself on a diet/training program, but I believe that this blog will help keep me on track, so if i complain about it on here, PLEASE, tell me im a sissy and tell me to suck it up. And now some stats and history…

NAME: Raymond
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight 220 ish (between 218 and 223)
Arms: 17 when fully pumped
Legs: 25
Calves: 15.5
Waist: 36 inches around
Chest: 47 inches around nipple area

Training: I experimented with full body workouts, but most recently, did 6 day on, one day off, dual body part split training.

Goal: I am very inspired by Gus’s transformation, and i also wish to bring out my abs mosty of all, along with my other muscles. I want to be CHISLED. I want to be SHREDDED. And i want to have both of these while also being JACKED aka COCK DIESEL.

I will succeed at this, and to keep my progress going, i will post on this blog daily. I will also upload some photos of my current status as soon as i get back from shopping!

Wish me luck.


OK, heres some photos of me now:

Just bought the rest of the stuff tonight, and im pumped for tomorrow.

I also forgot to mention that i have the “Grand Diploma” In “Classic Culinary Arts” from the French Culinary Institute, so I’ll be sharing my HSM recipes with you guys.


1561 non training days = 1500 cals

1876 Training days = 1800 cals


heres another


I’m also going to do the “shredded in 6 days” routine after im done.

I’ll start today’s log with a Shugart quote:

“There is no such thing as an easy body transformation. It’s going to be harder than you think. But if you expect the difficulty, welcome the challenge, and face it with brutal effort, you’ll succeed.”

Love it. Nothing but success baby. Taking no freakin’ prisoners. Anything else is unacceptable.

It’s around 5:30 here in NY and im hitting up the gym for my first V-Diet workout in a few. I’ve had nothing but shakes today, and so far its going quite well. My eating times were something like this:

8:00AM - Shake and HRX
10:30AM - Shake
1:00PM - Shake and HRX
3:30PM - Shake and

Each shake had flaxseeds, and so far im doing alright. I was very tempted today at lunch time, because as I sipped my shake, a co-worker pulled out his 1 lb. BEEF LASAGNE complete with a 20 oz. Nestea and half of a massive hero made into garlic bread. I never thought about killing someone for their lunch before today.

However, i stifled my cravings and chugged the rest of my shake followed by a tall glass of agua. Yum! Those shakes do taste good though, I’ll admit.

I’m supplementing with tribulus and ZMA as well to keep my T levels in check. As for the HOT-ROX, I havent felt jittery at all, and ive been in a good mood the whole day. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I’m huge and weigh alot, but hey, its given me the energy thus far.

Im thinking about a healthy lasagne with homemade sauce for my solid meal this week. Hmmm… =]


PHEW! Just completed the 1st Waterbury workout of the advanced program and DAMN! I feel like i just ran 10 miles.

The Surge kept me going pretty well but I was running out of gas toward the end.I’m not used to resting only 30 seconds, and by the sixth circuit, I had to do ASSISTED PULL-UPS(what a wimp!). I love those side planks though, what a burn for my abs!

For my NEPA, I took a walk around Wal-Mart for 45 min. with my GF and I bought a massive cooler to carry around all my crap at work. I may add in some Wii boxing toward the end of the night though =]

I’ll have my last shake of the day at 9 tonight, and overall, I haven’t felt that crazy hunger. But tomorrow may bring hell BWAHAHA!

Great job on Day 1. Keep up the good work.

You still going strong bro???

i lost eight pounds on the first week but i ended up getting a hardcore respiratory infection. along with coughing and puking and severeinflammation, i decided to stop the diet, as it lowered my immune system. the pound losage was pretty serious though. i jsut cant get sick again because of work. =\

so for now, the diet is on hold.

Well guys, after a week and a half of V-Dieting, I lost 8 lbs altogether(from 220 to 208-212), which is a nice feeling. I feel lighter and all, but I think I need to lose another 20 lbs to get really “ripped”.

I will run another run to the V-Diet in the spring when germs are less active. I would post pics of me now, but you wouldn’t really be able to see the difference.

Right now, I’m doing six meals a day(Three shakes and three meals) and its transitioning quite well. I could still probably lose some poundage this way, but my job depends on my health too much so for now I’m just going to maintain 208 until spring.

As for the workouts, Holy Shit. I’m not used to circuit training, and it kicked my ass hardcore. I got great pumps out of the official workouts and felt the burn for hours after I was done.

Thanks for your support, and I’ll definitely still be an active member of this community.

Fuck it. Flu season and cold season is basically over. I lost 8 lbs on the first week of the Velocity Diet. Being that I still have 75% of the supplements, I want to do all four weeks, maybe with some immune support this time.

I’m gonna start tomorrow. Even if i get sick this time, I’ll fight through it.

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