Hardchargin the V-Diet

Hi all-
Started yesterday the 21st, all supps in and first day went fine(aside from being hungry all day of course).

24 yrs old

–rest of measurements posted later(forgot paper at home).

Quick bio-

  • Training about 4-5 yrs, seriously 2-3yrs.
  • Work full time in IT ie. desk jockey
  • In school at University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Marketing/Entrepreneurship.
  • Active real estate agent(about 3-4 hrs per day)

pics to follow


back fullbody


front fullbody

left side

right side

Background: unathletic all my life, played golf, surfed and skateboarded through high school. Always been “skinny fat”. Graduated in 2002 at a whopping 135lbs, started working out later that year doing bodypart splits and never got bigger or leaner. This went on for a year or so until I joined the Air National Guard.

I really started lifting religiously in tech school, went from approx. 160 after basic training to over 180 when I came back home. At 180 I was just fat but I told myself I had gained some muscle.
Back home surfing and at the beach alot I got sick of the fat and started cutting.

I dieted down for about 6 months cutting and timing carbs, adding cardio(running, surfing, sprints) and got down to a pretty lean 160 with visible abs, but I was too skinny.

In 2007 I started lifting with a friend and training partner who was into powerlifting. I started hella weak but found I liked strength training(full body and push pull routines much better). I slowly started gaining weight and stayed pretty lean.

Around this time my training partner and I started rooming together and diet and training was always priority. Always very competitive, our numbers went up and everything was great.

My last g/f can take some blame for me gaining weight(she’s japanese, 5’1" and 85 lbs), her diet consisted of candy, sushi, and soda/tea and she had abs! anyway my diet started slipping, eating out alot, and cheat meals turned into splurge days once a week. This went on for about a 1.5 yrs. I’ve also had plenty of injuries and have slacked on the cardio for quite some time.

I’m single again and ready to get back into it. This is as much about the fat loss as it is reestablishing self discipline and control.

I’m done being weak.

Day 1

0930- shake- no flax, no fibertabs, used metamucil
1130- shake- no fibertabs, used metamucil
3pm- shake- no fibertabs, used metamucil
6pm- shake w/ everything
9pm- NEPA- walked Kaminaka hill, approx. 1.8 miles total, 30, mins, multiple steep hills.
10pm- bed shake w/ everything

Your body style and experience is very common - diet down and feel too skinny, gain mass and just look chubby, not muscular. It can be frustrating.

The V-Diet should help you strip the fat and keep the muscle, then you can focus on a smart mass program like this: This will prevent excess fat gain while seeking future muscle gains.

Keep us posted!

10am- Wake up and HOT-ROX
1030- morn shake
12-1230pm- sippin surge on way to gym, added 1 scoop Superfood
1230-1pm- workout. More difficult than expected. Very tough w/ 30 sec rest periods. Finished VERY early, did rehab work on left bicep/elbow and right quad/knee- biofreeze/foamroller/stretch.
315pm- post w/o shake- added 1 scoop Superfood. Replaced following shakes Superfood.
6pm- shake
9pm- shake minus Superfood(split in w/o shake and post shake), minus leucine(in post w/o shake)
1130pm- NEPA
midnight- bed shake

Hunger not too bad today. Still thinking about food all day however. Probably get bad hunger pains tonight at work. All I could think of post w/o was food since it is typically my reward for a hard workout. . .oh well. . .

workout as follows:
underhand BB row-
bar- 10
95- 5
135- 5
155- 5
175- 5> dropped weight
175- 4> realized I couldn’t finish@ 175 w/ good form.
155- 5,5,4,3,3

Ovhd sq-
bar- 8
65- 5
95- 5,5,4,3,3

+25- 5
+45- 5,5,4,3,3

Thanks for the link Chris. Read that one but definitely worth reading again!

Oh yea, starting measurements:
Taken on 4/21/09

Height- 5’10
Weight- 183.0
Neck- 15
Shoulders- 46.5
Chest upper- 42
Chest lower- 42.5
Waist at navel- 35.75
Waist at largest- 36
Hips at largest- 34.75
Upper arm
L- 13
R- 13
Upper leg
L- 23
R- 23
Lower leg
L- 13.5
R- 13.5
L- 8.5
R- 8.5

Workout #2

bw- 10
+25- 8/ 8,7,5,5,5,4,3,3

Inc DB pr- neutral
40’s- 9
50’s- 8
60’s- 8,6- Too heavy
50’s- 6,5,5,5,5

135- 9
185- 8,8,7,7,5,5

BB curl
45- 10
65- 8,8,8,6,5,5

Hanging leg raise
BW- 10
+10- 8
+15- 8,8,7,7,5,5

Day 4
0830- Wake n Shake +HOT-ROX
10-11- in the office
1115-1215- train- Surge+ 1 sc Superfood
130- shake
530- shake
9- shake
1130- NEPA
12- shake

Still having slight headaches, baaad cravings for savory type foods. I have to work sunday so monday will be Workout and HSM. Im. so. excited. for. food. Workouts are alot tougher than I thought. I came home from the gym and my roomate was home, apparently got off half day and invited me to finish the workout he was doing. I had to decline. . . It was a filler workout of 100 1 leg squats, 100 1 leg DL, and 100 bw squats.

I miss those challenges but Ill be back at it after this diet. We do alot of challenges, explosive pushups, chins, BW squats, etc for numbers. so like 1,2,3,etc all the way to like 15 and then run back down 15,14,13, etc. I’ll also miss the Sunday park workout days where we go down the the park and do sprints, sled sprints, sled drags, and rock carries. . . ahhh I’ll miss those


Still 100% compliant on diet. No training today, just NEPA walk the hill.

V-Burn-- This thing is pure EVIL. I had to stop and catch my breath a few times but finished just under 40 mins-- ET- 39.19. I am seriously expecting to do much better next time, I felt very weak, in body and mind

Sooo wat happened is I went to work after the V-burn since I was on the schedule and couldn’t get ahold of anyone the prefious friday to find out why I was scheduled to work(Sundays are my normal day off), and decided to go in and cover the shift(I work nights and weekends in a 24/7 computer/data center at a hospital).

Upon arriving, there was already someone there, and they claimed I wasn’t scheduled to work. They opened the schedule and voila! I was scheduled and they couldnt explain why. So I said fuck it and went home to have my HSM since someone was already there, and I wasn’t even supposed to be there in the first place. I really fuckin hate my job but I digress.

Anyways after I got through being angry and pissed I remembered I’m getting my first HSM. The day was already lookin better. . .

It was-
16oz Ribeye
Shrimp + Scallops marinated in lime,cilantro,onion,chile,pepper,tequila

sauted onion,bell pepper,portabella
peppered sweet potato fries
large salad w/ lettuce blend,brocolli,onion,tomato
homemade salsa- onion,cilantro,lime,roma tomato
can of dite Dr. Pepper

I spent about 1.5 hrs eating and really taking my time even though I was starving since I had to go shopping for the ingredients and cook it all but it was worth the wait. Next weeks HSM is planned, at Outback

Oh I forgot to add-
I may have overate since I was too full to have my dinner and bed shakes but I figured with the calories from the meal I was still okay calorie,macro and micro nutrient wise. I didn’t eat all the food, there was lots leftover but I think I ate so slow that I didn’t get full for awhile. We’ll see how this next one goes.

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