Hard Time Gaining Muscle

JPARK6990 asks:

Interested in Plazma and maybe Mag-10. Looking to gain some muscle, nothing too extreme. Having a hard time building and getting rid of the last pound or two around the gut area. I’m 5’6" and 145, 44 years old. I’m currently in an Olympic lifting class 3 days a week. Would like a bit ‘more’ in terms of energy and the ability to take advantage of the work I’m putting out in terms of gains.

@JPARK6990 - Sounds like you’re already pretty lean if you’re 145 at 5’6", so with a little more muscle and a couple pounds of fat stripped off, you’ll be good to go.

My initial recommendation would be to start by adding Plazma to your workout nutrition. It probably won’t take too much of a drastic change to get you where you want to be in terms of gaining some LBM, and I’d imagine WITH the LBM gains, the fat will slowly melt away. Adding Plazma will absolutely give you “more” to put into your training, which will in turn yield better results, more strength and muscle gains, which will burn more fat in the long run, etc.

Start by adding Plazma to your workout nutrition by following the label instructions. Mix it up and start sipping 15-20 minutes before your olympic lifting class starts, that’ll ensure you’re using the Plazma to fuel you from the start. Sip it throughout the class finishing it by the end of your training, then have a quality post workout meal afterwards.

Again just going off of the stats you gave, I’m thinking that may be enough to get the job done. Get the Plazma, give it a couple of months and see what happens. If you notice some nice muscle and strength gains, which I’m sure you will, but still have a little more stubborn fat to get rid of, get some Mag-10 and try to incorporate some some “protein pulses.” For example:
On a non training day - You could eat a protein/fat breakfast, like egg white and cheese/veggie omelette, then every two hours have a serving of Mag-10, followed up a similar dinner in the evening of protein/fat, like chicken or steak and veggies. The Mag-10 will keep you from losing any muscle and should keep you full, if you do that once or twice a week you’ll lose those last few pounds in no time!

Once you get the supplements if you have any questions be sure to post them! Good luck :slight_smile:

Is that the only training you’re doing? What doe a class involve, in terms of exercises, sets, and reps? If you’re not getting enough volume (either with accessory work, in the main lifts, or both), you’re not going to be stimulating much muscle growth.

To put on size, outside of dialing in your whole food diet (which can’t be under-appreciated), workout nutrition is the place to start, like Rob said. Plazma is tops in that department. A serving before and during your workouts will help recovery and growth. Mag-10 would be the next step, either after training and/or during the day.

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