Hammer's V-Diet

I have tried the V-Diet three times before and have had problems keeping the shakes down towards the end of the first week. I made it 11 days the last time. My older brother had a heart attack last Friday and I find that I have a much stronger resolve to lose 20 lbs!

I am not in horrible shape, I am in motion all day at work. I am an autobody tech and painter and I get paid by the job, not by the hour so I hustle! Nothing pisses me off worse than having my gut rub the paint off a fender while I am reaching across the hood! If not for this fact I am sure my belly would be MUCH bigger. 

I fell on a 5 gal bucket some years ago and separated a rib and tore some muscles in my back that has prevented me from painting with my left hand ever since. That has led to some in balance in my shoulders that was made worse by another accident last year (in March). I went to a physical therapist and have been working on getting my left shoulder and mid back lined out again. 

I was hoping to start wendlers 5-3-1 program at the first of the year, but alas the progress has been slow. I have been going to the gym since Jan 12. Been doing rows for my back and shoulder. Left shoulder has about half the strength of the right, but that is a huge improvement and has been progressing rapidly the last couple of weeks. I have also been doing squats, deads, with just the bar(working on form) and some military presses with some 25lb dumbbells. Managed to do 8 pushups last Wednesday and was pretty happy with that, haven’t been able to do any for quite awhile. Printed off the workout sheets, I plan on doing what I can and working around the obstacles.

Started the diet yesterday, but was caught unawares this morning by a wrecker call and missed my morning shake and had to have lunch on the run. So tomorrow will be the official start date. I now have a cooler ready for those times that I have to run with no warning.

I have 6 tubs of Metabolic Drive, half a bottle of Flameout, and an almost full bottle of HOT-ROX. Ill make an order tomorrow, I am not inclined to put off the diet until I can order all of the supps. 

Post some pics tomorrow evening, stats; February 21, 2010

Height: 72
Weight: 208
Neck: 18
Shoulders: 54
Upper Arm: 14
Chest: 48
Ribs: 43
Hips: 38
Butt: 41
Upper Leg: 24
Lower Leg: 16
Ankle: 8.5

Diet is Die, with a T.- Garfeild

hammer - best of luck to you this time around…Im just finished with day 2 myself. I’ll be here with you the whole way!

Well, yesterday was a long ass day! No problems getting all my shakes, extra half serving just now since I’m up so late. Was going to the gym after work, but it’s just now after work and I’m going to bed.
Waited a little long to go to lunch, going to have to watch it a little closer tomorrow, I was a little droopy for a while this afternoon. gym and pics later…

First shake down and the cooler packed. Lots of physical work to do today, curious to see how the energy level is today.

Hammer, how goes the effort for the first wek?

Has been a discouraging go this time around, after three days of all shakes, they just won’t stay down. Wed, energy was pretty low, had a pretty hard day. Shake 5 was chocolate with ice, had to force it down and it came up 5 mins later. Tried again about an hour later, same result. Mixed up half a scoop of strawberry as that usually sets well, nope. Called it a night.

Thursday had banana cream for breakfast, was a little contrary, chewed some gum and made it till midmorning shake. orange cream, smell of chocolate made me gag, went down so- so. Work was piling up and had zero energy so I went to lunch and had a beef burrito and steamed veggies and a salad. Energy was up later in the afternoon and worked till 9 to catch up. Had a strawberry shake at three and six. Vanilla and peanut butter before bed. Did the same Friday

Weight Sat 27 morning was 202 Didn’t take any other measurements.

The more shakes I drink the harder it is to keep them down, so I will try another tactic.

For those of you who read this later, I dont want to discourage you. My brother did the diet a couple of years ago with phenomenal success. Seems like he lost 26lbs, but the inches he lost was really remarkable. Hence the reason I keep trying! He bought more Metabolic Drive and was planning on doing it again, but moved and left the supps with me. I often drink them to bring up my protein level for the day and they nearly always taste good. Its just when I drink them every meal that I have problems. I encourage you to give it a go!

Went in for my weekly chiropractor visit and was talking to him about the diet and the problem I am having, he had a theory that I thought was worth mentioning.

According to him toxins that the body can’t deal with immediately get stored in your fat cells, and as you burn off that fat those toxins get released into your system. He thinks that the rapid fat burning and the resulting toxin load as a result of the V-Diet was what was causing me to get sick to my stomach. He told me to take it easy on the fat loss and to be sure to drink LOTS of water as I diet down. He is checking on a supplement program to help with the detox as I lose weight. I’ll let you know.

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