Halving or Replacing Surge


Hey Chris,

I’m on Day 2 of the V-Diet. I’m a type 2 diabetic so I’ve been monitoring my blood sugars closely. Day 1 was a non-workout day and my blood sugars were fine, but Day 2/workout day I had my first Surge Recovery drink and my blood sugar is running higher now. There is 29 g of sugar per serving which is a bit much for me.

Can I cut the serving in half or is there an alternative post-workout drink I can do that has less sugar?



Well, keep in mind that you want the spike of insulin to drive in the aminos and nutrients of Surge Recovery. The Surge on training days also allows for a mild, smart carb cycling effect – very effective for fat loss. Long story short, the carbs are in there for a reason – to illicit a very specific response.

But, that’s for the regular Joe. I’m not a diabetes expert and can’t really offer medical advice there. If that spike is something you shouldn’t have, then go to half a serving and see how that is. If needed, use only Anaconda or MAG-10 around the weight training period instead of Surge. These are both carb free but perfect for peri-workout.


Thanks, Chris. This reading was too high and also several hours later, so yeah, not good. Problem is, I don’t think I get the necessary insulin spike to bring the level back down. I’m not sure how not having that spike will affect fat loss. This diet is definitely a personal experiment. I’m curious to see how my body responds. Also why I decided to keep a log in case other diabetics wanted to know how blood sugars are affected/get info, tips/etc.

Next workout day I’ll halve the Surge and see how that goes. 15 grams of sugar shouldn’t be a problem; at least, it hasn’t been in the past.

Are there other type 2 diabetics who have done this diet that you know of? I’ve seen a few type 1 posts on the forum.


No, I can’t think of any others. But please keep us posted. Your feedback is very much appreciated!


[quote]LexST wrote:
Are there other type 2 diabetics who have done this diet that you know of? I’ve seen a few type 1 posts on the forum.[/quote]

Found another type II diabetic reporting his results. See this thread:



Thanks! I shot him a PM.


Just want to update that I did 1/2 serving of Surge post-workout today and that worked perfectly.