Halloween Results

I may have started the thread a little early because I’m not quite to the “After” yet. I’m 5.5 weeks in. I picked Halloween out as mental goal to keep myself on track over the past month. So I’ll post “Progress” pics when I finish week 6. I won’t consider them the “after” photos just yet because I’m going to keep on after the V diet. This isn’t the leanest I’ve ever been. It hasn’t been the most muscular I’ve ever been. This is probly the only time I’ve been gaining muscle mass and getting leaner at the same time. I’ve got the best of both worlds happening right now, and I won’t consider myself in the true “after” photo until I am the leanest AND the most muscular I’ve ever been. Anyway here is the link to my Diet log with the photos. Looking good for Halloween.

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