Half Serving of Surge at Night

Does it matter what time you take your Surge?. I train late at night. I feel better at this time and the gym is pretty empty.

Anyways afterwards it feels kind of wrong to take all those simple carbs in Surge and then go to bed. Then again the V-Diet is low calorie so maybe it doesn’t even matter.

Yes, take the Surge after you workout even if it’s at night.

Yes, take your Surge after weight training, a full serving, regardless of time of day.

While the general rule of mine – low carbs at night – is a good one for solid food diets and maintaining fat loss, you can chuck that rule if it’s after a hard weight-training workout. The “rules” go out the window as the body, at that time, is basically able to put those carbs to work and “use them up” rather than store them.

well said

why are you doing V-Diet at 5’11 170?

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