Half Marathon Soon After V-Diet


Hi… I am halfway through my V-Diet program. I started on 16th May 2012 & will finish my 4 weeks on 12th June 2012. Then I will be in transition for next 2 weeks taking it to 26th June.

I have registered for half marathon which is on 8th of July.
Although before starting V-Diet, I was into regular running doing around 30 KM per week. But now I am thinking if I will have enough time after my transition period to recover and be ready for my half marathon.
Can anyone please suggest or advise from experience.

Cheers… Amit


first up, i don’t want to cut Chris’s lunch by butting in before he gives an informed decision. so take this with a grain of salt, and possibly disregard entirely…

a 21k race is a fair commitment - what was your training/ aerobic capacity like before you started on the V-Diet? and have you trained or ran races before?

two weeks out from a race most will have worked through a lot of base work, cycled up towards a ‘mock’ race, and are starting to taper down before the run itself. however, if you’re just ‘running it to be running it’, then you could probably get away with running up until 5 days or so away from the event.

furthermore, you could ostensibly throw in some runs during the transition weeks, where there will be less impact on strength and energy levels due to the reintroduction of food. the caveats here are that you would still want to prioritise weights (so run after a session), work your way up slowly and with adequate rest, and not to overcompensate with your HSMs (in size/ substance or caloric density) for the added workload. it’s a tough balance!

there’s a good anecdote in pavel & Dan John’s Easy Strength (at 23): when an athlete was unable to run, they were instructed to walk at a comfortable pace for thrice the amount of time normally spent running. this allowed for the athlete’s aerobic capacity to ‘bounce back’ quickly when they re-started training. sounds like NEPA to me…


I think you’ll be fine, assuming you followed the V-Diet correctly. You can add in runs during the Transition weeks. The loss of excess body fat alone will improve running performance and endurance.