Had to Cheat a Bit

Started the V-Diet on 3-1 and yesterday (3-5) I felt like I couldn’t drink another shake. So I broke down with a 3 egg omlet, spinach & bacon bits for supper (and it was freaking awesome).
How much will that set me back?

Also, I can’t seem to do the 5 shakes through the day, 4 is the most I can get down, or 4+1 Surge on workout days, any suggestions?

Start Wt. 239
Ht 6’0"
Normal Daily Activity: Office/Sedentary
Personality: Boring, lol


Instead of dropping a whole shake, try to drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive per day. That’ll drop the amount some but keep the feedings frequent and not drop you so low that muscle loss becomes a risk. Also, you can cut the flax seed in half. Lastly, play with the water amount in shakes: use ice to blend it, adding more or less water as you like.

Make that “cheat” your HSM for the week. You can have another one in 6 to 7 days or so.

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