Guy LeDouche's V-Diet Log

What’s up bitches.

Here I am - day 9 of the V-Diet and just now starting my journal…yea I know i’m a fuck-up. Anyways, i’ve been inspired by the logs of so many others that i almost feel obligated to do one myself.

So here we go…I’m 26 and a FFB (surprise, surprise). I was always pudgy as far back as i can remember. I don’t know if it’s my genetics or just the by-product of being raised in an italian household that loves to eat…I lean towards the latter since both my parents were slim when they were younger. In fact, to go on a little tangent, I identify with a Ray Romano routine he has where he prepares his friends for his mom when they come over to eat…

You want a little? Tell her you want no more.
You want a lot more? Tell her you want a little.
You don’t want any more? You have to shoot her.
That’s right, I said it! You have to shoot the woman. Or at least threaten.
Whatever you do, do it quick. Don’t hesitate. As soon as you feel you’ve had enough to eat, just stand up and announce, “I’m done.” Then pull a gun out of your vest pocket.
“Put it back in the bowl, Mrs. Romano . . . nice and easy. Now hand the spoon to Ray. That’s it, thaaaaaat’s it . . . Keep your hands where I can see them . . .”

Regardless of the reasons, I was pretty much a porker through college, and it was only a few years ago that i decided to really commit to doing something about it. I Joined a gym for the first time two years ago. It was slow going at first, but that’s how it is. Over the past year or so, i think i’ve really learned a good amount about lifting and eating, etc, and I’m ready to take things to the next level.

Coming into the V-Diet, i’m coming off a “mass building” phase where i went from 165 to about 185. I did it over a half a year or more, and i did it by eating clean, but i still put on more fat than I should have (guess that comes with the FFB territory when you’re not extremely careful). Truth is, at 165 i was small, which i why i decided to put on mass in the first place, but i still wasn’t lean. So now i’m committing to the V-Diet to shed fat so I can see just what i’m dealing with before i continue my goal of getting stronger and building more muscle…hopefully more carefully than i did when i was 165.

Here’s the measurements:

Week 1: June 1 2009
Height - 5’8
Weight - 181
Neck - 15
Shoulders - 48’
Chest Upper (below arm pit) - 41’
Chest Lower (nips) - 42 1/2
Waist - at Navel - 37
Waist (below Navel) - at largest - 37 1/2
Hips - at largest - 40 1/4
Upper Arm (mid bicep) - L - 14 1/8
Upper Arm (mid bicep) - R - 14 1/8
Upper Leg (below groin) - L - 24 1/2
Upper Leg (below groin) - R - 24 1/2
Lower Leg (mid calf) - L - 14 1/4
Lower Leg (mid calf) - R - 14 1/4
Ankle (above ankle joint) - L - 8 3/4
Ankle (above ankle joint) - R - 8 3/4

Week 2: June 7
Weight - 173.5 (-7.5)
Neck - 15
Shoulders - 47’ (-1)
Chest Upper (below arm pit) - 43 1/2’ (+2 1/2?)
Chest Lower (nips) - 41 1/2 (-1)
Waist - at Navel - 36 3/4 (-1/4)
Waist (below Navel) - at largest - 37 1/2
Hips - at largest - 39 (-1 1/4)
Upper Arm (mid bicep) - L - 14 1/8
Upper Arm (mid bicep) - R - 14 (-1/8)
Upper Leg (below groin) - L - 24 (-1/2)
Upper Leg (below groin) - R - 23 1/2 (-1)
Lower Leg (mid calf) - L - 14 3/8 (+1/8)
Lower Leg (mid calf) - R - 14 3/8 (+1/8)
Ankle (above ankle joint) - L - 8 3/4
Ankle (above ankle joint) - R - 8 3/4

Encouraged by my results so far. Dropping 7.5lbs is a little surprising but i know most of its water weight. Now that that’s out of the way, the fat is next.

It’s too late for this stuff now. i’ll post pictures later.

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