Gut Reduction on Plazma, I3G and MAG-10?

Chris, since last May I have used I3G, MAG-10, Anaconda, now Plazma. No sugar/wheat in diet, few deviations, except I did have glass of white wine before dinner which I’ve given up in last week. I do CT’s workouts early am about 4-5 days a week. I’m now at 260, gained 8 lean pounds in the right places but my gut’s not reducing. I look like a mature powerlifter. Advice on how to drop about 3 inches off waist? I’d also like to get to 240.

If you haven’t dropped milk yet, do that. Liquid milk first, then reduce cheese, yogurt etc if needed after that. (May not be needed, but drop milk for sure.)

Could be just a calorie issue. Try reducing by 200-300 calories per day, then adjust up or down after a week or so to find your sweet spot. Might not hurt to do a carb count too just to see where you’re at.

Also, I’m not sure which CT workouts you’re doing, but if he approves, add some conditioning work as recommended at the bottom of this article:

Also, start measuring your gut with a tape if you’re not already doing it. Most of the time when people have a lot of weight to lose, the gut is reducing, but it’s harder to notice (pants size won’t change because the gut on men is above the waistband), especially if you only use the scale as a progress tracker. (Or worse, one of those electrical body fat testers that’s less accurate than drunken monkeys throwing darts at a wall with numbers on it.)

Three measurements: upper gut (just below pecs), just above the belly button and just below it on what’s probably the fattest part. Measure once a week or at least twice per month, but no more often than that. Do it in the AM before you eat or drink.

If you have some sample menus in your log, drop me the link. Or just list them here and we’ll see if we can spot any other needed tweaks.

Thanks. I’ll immediately drop the cheese and occasional yogurt (rarely drink milk); I’ll add the short kettlebell routines to CT’s daily layer workouts, and restart I3G maintenance dose. These changes might do it.

I’ve been posting my food intake regularly in the I3G project logs for almost a year. Rather than read all that, my diet has consistently been 3-4 hardboiled eggs for breakfast weekdays, 3-4 scrambled in butter on weekends; lunch varies but will be rice and some meat or beans, vegetables, no bread or cream sauces, salad without dressings; late afternoon snacks have been cheese or salted mixed nuts and 1-2 glasses of white wine which I have now dropped; dinner is always a meat/fish/chicken thing with a vegetable. no desserts. Just drink water.

Sounds like a good plan. Keep me posted.

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