Guidance For Protein Drink and Fat Burner

Glen asks:

I’m not honestly sure where to start on my order. So maybe you can help.

I’m 52 years old with some belly fat that I can’t peel. I’ve lost 136 lbs over the past 4 years and work hard at the gym daily. I’ve been retired for 17 years so I have plenty of time at the gym. I eat a balanced diet.

I’m 6’3 and 300lbs. I’m not a shrimp nor the strongest man! I take T shots monthly @ 400ml. I need a proper protein drink and something to burn the stubborn fat.

I follow your FB posts loyally and use your advice for lifting and training to keep what I still have left. Myself and my two adult sons appreciate your info. Please guide me to a proper purchase: protein sup and fat burner!

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First of all, holy crap that’s some progress so far. Congrats. No doubt you’ll keep it up, and by dialing in your supps to coordinate with your training and nutrition, you should be able to see more results.

[quote]Please guide me to a proper purchase: protein sup and fat burner!
Workout nutrition is always the most effective place to start. Having a shake before and during training can improve performance during the session, minimize soreness afterwards, and kickstart the training stimulus. This article talks about it in more detail.

Plazma is the top of the list to have before and during training, with high-quality carbs and protein, plus other nutrients. Mag-10 is great for a daily protein, 1-2 drinks a day is fine.

As far as a fat burner, I’m not sure you really need one right now. Stimulant-based fat burners aren’t really something you want, or need, to be on for an extended period of time. They’re best used strategically, to get over plateaus.

Instead, I’d suggest Indigo-3G. It basically “fixes” fat cells by making them more effective at being used for fuel. It can also help the body handle carbs better, which helps training and fat loss at the same time. Definitely something to consider.

Also think about tossing up a thread in the Over-35 Lifter forum. Guys in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are there talking about the training and nutrition that works for them. You might be able to grab some good ideas to fine-tune your plan.

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Hi Glen,

It appears that you and I are similar in goals, age and body composition! I am new to this site and use of Biotest products!

Keep up the great work!


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